Suggestions on curbing hunger?

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Hi everyone,

My calorie goal is 1200, and my goal weight is back to 128lb. I'm 31yo, currently at 140lb, 5'0", and eating way over my calories.

I know I'm over eating, especially towards the night. And I'm looking to find other ways to curb my appetite. Water isn't cutting it, even though it helps a little.

I do taekwondo three times a week.


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    I find tea helps, sort of distracts me, is nice and hot.

    Vegetable soups, and big bowls of salad help to fill a hole.
    It also might be worth looking at what you're eating. A lot of people talk about how they are sated by protein - that doesn't work for me. If I ate 2 eggs for breakfast I would be chewing my arm off a couple of hours later, nice bowl of porridge though and I am a happy bunny.

    You could also try upping the calorie goal a bit for a couple of weeks and see what happens. If you are planning for 1400 for example, and can stick to that, it might work out better than going way over because your so ravenous (which is what I end up doing). So its a bit slower, but easier along the way. Just a thought.
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    I have an apple cut up with cinnamon and a trivia packet sprinkled on it at night. Also remember to drink enough water.
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    What are you eating? How often are you eating? Different foods affect how full you feel and how long that feeling lasts.

    How fast are you losing? You're very close to your goal weight, so you should be targeting a half pound/week loss or so. Don't forget to allow some extra fuel for the exercise you're doing.

    Some days I just feel hungrier than others, even if I'm eating the same foods I usually eat. I tend to look at the weekly average vs one day.

    Using your stats and accounting for 3x week of additional exercise, your TDEE is around 2000 calories a day. Your RMR is around 1275. No wonder you're hungry at 1200! I'd definitely look at increasing that closer to 1600-1800.
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    You could try eating later in the day so you don't get too hungry before bed, or just save some room for a snack. A clementine orange is like 40 calories. A piece of lite bread is like 35 calories (toast anyone?). I like to go for a walk when I get hungry during the day and its not time to eat yet, but that won't work well at night, especially in the winter!

    I would try to leave a little room in your daily allowance for a night time snack if its a constant thing. Going to bed hungry sucks...

    Good luck!
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    Maybe try mixing psyllium husk into water or chia/flax 'puddings'. It works for me.
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    1200 is probably too low and causing mini binges because your body is in "starvation" mode part of the time. Up your calories to 1300 eat LOTS of lean protien= lean ground beef, chicken breast, nonfat greek yogurt, egg whites things like this you can eat at high volume with carbs and moderate fat and still hit goal and feel full.

    So a menu may look like this
    B- 2 slices of bread 70 calories or less a piece dipped in three egg whites with cinnamon, and low cal sweetner, with a side of 5 sliced strawberries, topped with 2tbs of pb2 = 250ish calories
    L- baked chicken breast 6oz with greenbeans=300ish calories
    S- nonfat greek yogurt cup =100ish calories
    D- 8oz 96/4 beef on a bowl of lettace and topped with low fat cheese slice, and a veggie of choice = 500ish
    D-100 calorie treat of choice

    This is still low cal but more filling then say
    B- a piece of toast and an apple
    L- salad with low cal dressing
    S- 100 calorie snack
    D- progresso light soup and crackers

    That is not filling or enough and will make you hangry

    Not sure on the low carb train you might like it. I lost 95 percent of my weight low carb while IN A CALORIE in mai tence I eat carbs a looot and am not find what you like to eat!

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    PAPYRUS3 wrote: »
    Maybe try mixing psyllium husk into water or chia/flax 'puddings'. It works for me.

    I was coming here to say the same thing. These have worked well for me but they're not for everyone (my OH just can't stand the texture!). I've been making a smoothie with the following:

    - unsweetened almond milk, 500ml
    - 2 tbsp ground chia seeds
    - artificial sweetener
    - flavouring - ideas are cocoa powder, some fruit, or other artifical flavours as you like
    - ice

    Blend and enjoy. And sometimes I'll add a little psyllium husk, a tsp or two (it can get really gel like, so play around with what works for you).

    One of these comes in around 230cals with the ingredients I'm using, I've used them in the past in the evening to sip on and again this week as I'm back on the wagon it's really helped me feel full.

    I do agree that it would be a good idea to see if more cals would be better for you too, maybe try coming up to 1500 for a while and see how that goes, it might take time to learn what your body needs, or what works for you. I guess I'd recommend that you see these experiments as part of your progress because we all want to find sustainable ways to bring weight down and then something that we can use, that fits our lives, for maintenance.

    Another recipe I use are "Cloud cakes", they happen to be keto, but should fit into most WOE.

    - 5 egg whites, blend to a stiff peak
    - 4 tbsp of ground almonds
    - 1 tsp flavour (lemon is my go to)
    - 1 tbsp artificial sweetener

    Fold in the rest of the ingredients into the whipped egg whites, spoon onto a baking sheet, I get about 5 to 6 little "buns" out of this (I line it with greaseproof paper or baking paper, whatever you have, or call it!). Bake at 180c/350f for 15 mins, you'll need to eat them soon enough after as they deflate! These work out at about 170cal with the ingredients I'm using. I find them a nice way to hit my sweet tooth and curb cravings.

    If anyone is looking for more folks to share the journey with please send on a friend request, I'm here after near a years break, had a rough year (IKR, like everyone else!) and my emotional eating scared me enough last week to finally get my *kitten* back on here. I'm keto most of the time but totally believe that most WOE work, it's just what works for us as individuals in our own lives, I'm not very active but hoping to improve on that, I finally dusted off my kayak last Nov (I'm very much a noob paddler) and I like to walk, but I also love video games, books, tv (just finished Cobra Kai, omg loved it so much!) and podcasts....I am addicted to podcasts!
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    Low carb doesn’t work for everyone. For some, eating a lot of protein is unappetizing and not filling. That way of eating tends to be lower in fiber too which can cause digestive problems for some.
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    For me personally if I am feeling hungry in the evening I have a protein drink, low sugar, sweet taste, lots of protein and relatively low calories at 160. It works to fill me up and keep me from eating other things
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    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    1200 calories seems pretty aggressive for someone who only wants to lose about 12 Lbs.

    Why? She is a small person. I weigh 20 lbs more than her and my goal to lose 1/2 lb a week is 1200 also.
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    What works for me mostly is keeping the carbs down.
    Not keto - because I don't want to eliminate food groups - but keep my carbs under 100g per day.
    I try to have most of my carbs in the form of veggies etc...
    This obviously doesn't happen all the time - but I notice the difference in my satiety /hunger / cravings if I eat anything high carb.
    I know that if I have a high protien breakfast with healthy fats and a few carbs ill be OK till lunch.
    But if I have something like porridge or cereal etc .. I'm starving within an hour!
    I also have a food cut off point after dinner - so nothing with calories until breakfast.

    But this is what works (sometimes lol ) for me - not for everyone.
    Play around with your macros every month and food timings / calories and see how you get on.
  • 1200 calories is really low for anyone. The downside of using myfitnesspal is they always start you off with 1200 calories and for many people that is just not realistic. Try going to Google and searching calories calculator type in your info and it will give you a better calorie goal that will make you feel great! 🙂 Hope this helped.