Need help with vegan/dairy free substitute for soup

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Calling vegan home cooks for help!

My roommate is lactose intolerant, but I want to make my mom's chicken tortilla soup recipe. The recipe calls for a can of cheddar cheese soup. I have spent hours trying to see if there is a vegan equivalent on the market or a recipe to make it from scratch using vegan (coconut based) cheddar.

The only thing that shows up is recipes for vegan broccoli and cheese soup, vegan cheesy potato soup, etc etc. I am not knowledgeable enough about from scratch cooking or vegan cooking to parse out those existing recipes to only make the cheese soup base so I can add it to an otherwise dairy free recipe.

Does anyone have a brand or a recipe for plain old cheddar cheese soup that I can substitute dairy free ingredients for?

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    I am not entirely sure if this would work for tortilla soup but we use the "cheese" products from time to time for our layered dips and the base for mac and cheese. I would think you make or soup like by adding coconut cream or additional cashew based cheese of some sort. The dips aren't really thick. I recently had the smoky cheddar and it was pretty good if you don't want the green chile in the queso.

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    This cheese-less sauce from Nora Cooks ( should work perfectly. I've used it in both casseroles and soups and it's always a hit, even with meat-eaters. For soup, I'd probably recommend adding it toward the end of cooking and letting it warm through :) I hope it works for you!
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    Canned pumpkin will give it a silkiness and the right color. I stirred a half cup of pumpkin into a can of Campbells Chicken Noodle soup last night and then added curry powder with some chile/garlic sauce and cilantro. It was delicious but I got the idea from a different recipe that was for a tortilla soup. I don't remember where I saw it.
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    This is our fave cheeze sauce. Even the spices would be great with tortilla soup!
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    Make a cashew cheese sauce. That would work. Search for the recipe, but basically cashew, water, garlic, nutritional yeast in the blender. I add tapioca flour to make it thick.
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    I find vegan dairy to be poor substitutes for the real thing but would you consider a non cheese based one? Google Chrissy Tiegen’s tortilla soup recipe. It is vegetarian, delicious, and spicy! I occasionally use coconut milk or cream, just a tad since it has a lot of calories, to make a soup creamy. I have not found a good substitute for cheese.
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    I made a whole food (VEGAN) tortilla soup using a can of Rotel Toms, corn, black beans, and enchilada sauce. Add some rice and veggie broth. No it won't be creamy but it is delicious.
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    What are you going to substitute for the chicken in your vegan chicken cheese tortilla soup?
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    What are you going to substitute for the chicken in your vegan chicken cheese tortilla soup?

    Oh, I wasn't looking for 100% vegan. One of the people I cook for is lactose intolerant and sensitive to milk fat, so vegan cheeses are a common substitute. That person can consume chicken and does consume chicken.
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    I’m assuming you looked up this sort of recipe. I’ve made chicken tortilla soup but never used a cheese sauce. In our house the only cheese involved is sprinkling shredded cheese on top. There are many ways to thicken a broth into a sauce. Corn starch is my go-to.