Problems with quick add calories

So whenever I try to either edit the quick add calories or add a new entry, it takes me to the log in screen. If I log in, I can add a new entry but only on the current day. And I can't edit a prior quick add entry at all.


  • chris89topher
    chris89topher Posts: 385 Member
    Same here. I would add quick add to a future day and it would add it to today instead. I thought it was just me and I was losing it.
  • glassyo
    glassyo Posts: 6,449 Member
    It's like Groundhog Day! :)
  • MissRevamp
    MissRevamp Posts: 8 Member
    Yup, there seems to be a issue with it. I forgot to add "quick add" to a previous dinner but it automatically adds it to the current day.
  • bootsncatsnboots
    bootsncatsnboots Posts: 3 Member
    edited February 11
    Same for me. I forgot to add stuff for yesterday, went back today to add it and it kept adding it to the current day despite being on the past day. I had to just add a logged food entry (even though I didn't eat it) that was the same cals to get the cals noted for the day. Frustrating. Also keep getting logged off.
  • spiegeltobylee
    spiegeltobylee Posts: 15 Member
    edited February 13
    I've had the same problem for 3 days. I contacted Support, but no joy. I want to edit the prior day's calories and it goes forward. This is crazy!