120lbs in 18 months

Hi all, I'm starting my journey this week. I'm a 26 year old woman, I weigh 240lbs at 5'4 today and I want to lose half my bodyweight. I gained weight in recovery from addiction and mental illness, and I'm coming to realise I have to choose happiness, I have to choose to live a healthier life now that I'm no longer destroying myself. The timescale I've set is 18 months, I can see with consistency that I've got a decent chance of success. I'd welcome any advice or high fives please!


  • BethAnnD75
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    Welcome to a new you! Food logging and having an accountability partner has helped me lose over 40 pounds.
  • Sinisterbarbie1
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    Hello and high five… that is amazing that you have already accomplished so much in recovery. I don’t know anything about setting goals, but I would say you have picked an impressive and meaningful one and you should probably discuss with your doctor how best to get there and whether that is the right weight for you to aim for etc. In terms of getting there maybe set some small short term goals so that you have positive things that you can keep yourself accountable for, and keep giving yourself and getting high fives for, and leave the long term 18 mos out goals fuzzier and don’t feel bummed if you have to reassess them at some point. I am much older (over 50) and I started losing weight last April from a high of 192. I am currently 149 (and 5’ 9”). But that is a much slower rate of loss. Everyone’s results are different, but starting off you will probably lose faster and then move to a slower rate. I also hit plateaus several times where my weight didn’t budge for 4 weeks or more at a time and I was continuing to do everything right. Sometimes your body just needs to readjust to its new weight before it moves on to the next phase,
    All this to say - AMAZING! You can definitely do this! But don’t try to look out too far ahead in the future - savor the victories you can have along the way.