inskydiamonds Posts: 2,519 Member
With the weight loss you've achieved, what are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

I'm going to dress up as EVE from the movie Wall-E. I got my inspiration from this picture:
obviously on the left :P


  • angelicdisgrace
    angelicdisgrace Posts: 2,071 Member
    I'm going to be a witch or a cop.
  • Rae6503
    Rae6503 Posts: 6,294 Member
    I haven't dressed up in years. I am boring apparently.
  • inskydiamonds
    inskydiamonds Posts: 2,519 Member
    Guess there's only 2 of us grown ups who are going to dress up

  • jlzrdking
    jlzrdking Posts: 501 Member
    Hipster zombie
  • DawnOBRN
    DawnOBRN Posts: 290 Member
    Sadly, I have to work Halloween night :sad: but I will still probably put a vampire bite or something on my neck. You dont think women in labor will mind that do you??? :laugh:
  • _Ben
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    If we can find a party to go to, Id love to go as batman, and my girl as catwoman. I would be willing to put about $200 into a costume
  • I'm going to dress up as a house with no lights on.
  • acarter33664
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    I'm going to be a vampire fangtasia waitress (from true blood).
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  • ChristineMarie89
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    mayby next year :P
  • datzun
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    I want to go as Voldemort, but I don't know any good makeup artist to help me pull it off. I went as Nurse Joker a couple of years ago...my costume rocked and I stayed in character the whole day.

    Might just do something easy this year. My boss says I look like Waldo from Where's Waldo? Maybe I'll just do that. ;D
  • cdstadt
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    I've been thinking about dressing up as a Jersey Shore girl but I'd have to find a dress for it. And also paint my face orange.

    I already have a Bellatrix costume.

    but I probably won't dress up