Hello there :D

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Hi there o/ I wanted to reintroduce myself since it's been a long time. I'm 32 and live in texas. I used this site before on my journey to healthy-ness. I lost a lot of weight before about 60lbs. I was happy and proud of my body. With that joy came a second son. XD I had a miserable pregnancy and just ate what I could to get by due to constant nausea (had to be on strong pills for it). In the process I gained the 60lbs back and a little extra. Alongside digging myself into a hole by hating my appearance and the fact I couldn't move the same. So it took 2 years to work up the motivation and a very supportive hubby who invested in an at home garage gym for me to go to while kids are napping/at school. I can't wait to start this journey again and get to meet y'all all. So hi there everyone :D