Before & after - DAD BOD EDITION

oh_Bryce_io Posts: 20 Member
Hey guys!

My 2nd grader saw me on the treadmill yesterday afternoon. At dinner she said, "I thought you only did dad things?" Seriously rethinking my whole life :D

I'm looking to see some stories from other dads that had success turning things around!


  • Hollis100
    Hollis100 Posts: 1,408 Member
    I'm not a dad, just wanted to say it's good that she saw you exercising. You're setting an excellent example. Yes, using the treadmill can be a "dad thing"!
  • oh_Bryce_io
    oh_Bryce_io Posts: 20 Member
    Hollis100 wrote: »
    I'm not a dad, just wanted to say it's good that she saw you exercising. You're setting an excellent example. Yes, using the treadmill can be a "dad thing"!

    Thank you! :)
  • shadowloss
    shadowloss Posts: 293 Member
    If by turning things around you are talking about turning an aircraft carrier, then I'm turning :).
    I started about a year ago, lost 50 lbs, just counting calories and doing some walking. I have a very sedentary job. My Apple watch runs out of battery just by telling me it's time to stand! It's been a very slow battle since the 50 lb mark, infact it has stalled and a 10 lb gain. I don't care, I'll get there eventually as long as I don't go back up.
    After a year and a half, I'm still at it. Still hitting the trails when I can or exercise equipment. Still watching what I eat, even if it is over my limits, I log most of it so that it makes me accountable. I loved that the first 30 lbs came off fast, and I only have myself to blame for not being more diligent, but I'm getting there. I'm off meds, that are weight related. I'm back down to a BMI that doesn't cause my doctor heart failure, and I feel good about myself. However, still turning. One day at a time.
  • melbpsych
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    I have been seen exercising the last year through the critical eyes of a 13 year old! It's been, erm, educative! But, I have been able to turn things around. Have lost 18 kgs (~40 pounds) in 10 months, and for the first time in my life, am exercising regularly - running, suspension training, HIIT - it really feels good! My 13 yo did reassure me that she loved me irrespective, even when I was tipping the scales at 97 kgs! So, that was nice.
  • jcearth
    jcearth Posts: 46 Member
    I am a 18 weeks in and have lost 78 pounds (about 16% of my body weight). My 13 year old son went to the gym with me this morning (at 5:30am!!!!). It was really amazing to work out with him side by side on the treadmill. He pushed me to my best workout since I started back - 3 miles in 40:15. Of course, he hit the 3 mile mark at 34 minutes, but I am convinced that I can train hard enough to keep up with him next time!!!!!!
  • Ghostofachance
    Ghostofachance Posts: 305 Member
    Been there. Dad things were once beer, pizza and sports on TV. I was sedentary, morbidly obese (to the tune of 350+ lbs.) and unable to play with my son for long periods of time if it involved any physical exertion. Several years and multiple attempts later, he and I go to the gym together several times a week and I am down to nearly 210 lbs. He still considers the treadmill a "dad thing" but only because he prefers weights to cardio. Good luck on your efforts!
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