2/17/2022, Fitbit Steps not coming to MFP

In fact cannot get Fitbit to show as my Step Tracker, but it shows linked. Calories go from MFP to Fitbit, Steps do not go from Fitbit to MFP.


  • nienonline
    nienonline Posts: 12 Member
    Same issue, did you get it solved already?
  • kls13la
    kls13la Posts: 381 Member
    I’m having the same issue. Steps stopped syncing in MFP yesterday.
  • cew67
    cew67 Posts: 2 Member
    Same...getting tired of this. Any ideas for other apps that help with monitoring calories in/out without the same headaches as here?
  • artisticrox
    artisticrox Posts: 1 Member
    It's been like this since late Thursday (Mar 3rd) for me. I've unsynchronized and then synced. That hasn't worked.
  • minniestar55
    minniestar55 Posts: 346 Member
    Ditto, tweeted them but no solution. It’s been about 4 days now .
  • nwmm
    nwmm Posts: 18 Member
    Same for me! It’s driving me crazy. I’ve unsynced and synced. Deleted and redownloaded. I’ve email mfp. I haven’t had it stop working for this long before. Really making me want to find a new diary.
  • prprimm
    prprimm Posts: 2 Member
    3/7/22 same for me for at least a week. Cannot sync steps, exercise from Fitbit to MyFitPal. I have unsynced, synced, deleted and redownloaded, changed password. Both on pc winddows 10 and android galaxy s20fe. On the MFP on android, in steps/ o get "error occured We were unable to connect to the the server to synchronize. When I cancel the error message that top says "choose a device" but there is no fitbit listed, but it is listed in apps. My food is syncing from MFP to FB. What is going on?
  • cew67
    cew67 Posts: 2 Member
    Anyone finding the latest update (March 9?) fixed their problem?
  • GibboJambo
    GibboJambo Posts: 1 Member
    I've had this problem since 4 March on both a Windows browser and the Android app despite unsyncing & re-syncing several times.
  • ildikx
    ildikx Posts: 1 Member
    Have anyone get fixed this issue? I have written to the support 2 days ago but didn't get any response yet. 😕
  • minniestar55
    minniestar55 Posts: 346 Member
    I'm still having this problem. No sync of my exercise coming over from FitBit to MFP. Since at lease 4 March. I did find on 5 March my account had dropped FitBit as a connected app, don't know how that happened as I didn't do it! So I reconnected it and it is showing as connected. I checked my Fitbit dashboard on my desktop (not app which I use all the time) and it is showing as syncing with my fitbit correctly. So the problem is the "connection" between Fitbit and MFP.

    When this has happened in the past, it's usually sorted within 2 or 3 days but this is going on for more than a week, so I'm concerned. I rely heavily on the Fitbit input to MFP; I put in a trouble ticket to MFP and also posted in the support forums at Fitbit, as I'm aware it's complex to get 2 systems to work together to its best worked from both sides. but I'm very frustrated.