HI I'm back for the Last time

Hi I'm Lisa and this hopefully will be last time to restart my weight loss journey again I seriously want to make it happen again and so I can start to feel better about how I feel and etc. My goal is to workout 5 days a week and watch what I eat and my biggest goal i want to accomplish is drinking No Soda and I know it can be done just have to say No when I see Soda.


  • vickyg1986
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    Hi Lisa! Those are great goals! Same here. I’m tired of starting over. How much do you want to lose?
  • ReenieHJ
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    Hi Lisa, I see your OP was from March 6th so a week in to your new plan and I hope it's working well for you so far!!
    For some reason it wasn't that difficult for me to give up soda back several years ago. Well, on my 2nd try that is. :/ But other things are so darn hard for me. Sweets are difficult. :( It's a work in progress. :)

    Wishing you good luck with your goals!!
  • cfischer81
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    Best of luck to you! Don’t be afraid to start small, if it seems overwhelming to accomplish everything at once. Those are lofty goals in my world, to do all at once. Not sure where you’re at or your goals. I just thought, “heck, I never work out 5x a week, and I’m drinking a soda right now!” 🤣 It took me a few years but, I’ve lost 125lbs, 35 to my goal weight. It worked so much better, for me, to start slow.
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    I left and came back. It's too hard to maintain my weight without using this site. :neutral:

    Nearly 15 years ago (in August) I started to change everything about food, exercise and health. I lost 80 pounds in a little over a year and I've kept it off.

    I kinda need to be here in order to keep my head in the game. I hope you make this a good habit!
  • CindyBarnes2015
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    Hi, I'm back here as well. Lost 65 lbs back in 2015-16 but it slowly crept back on when I became very inactive sitting at my computer desk for very long hours each day. Now I need to get that weight off, again, and I'm wanting to make this my last time, too. I don't drink pop as I love water but I can say that when I'm thinking of have a Tim Horton's French Vanilla, which is 250 calories, I need to make a choice to drink my calories (which doesn't fill me) or eat my calories (if chosen properly, can fill me). Maybe that's something you can think about too, eating or drinking your calories? Then again, you can wean yourself off sodas reducing your soda count gradually until you're not having any at all. Replace it with water or clear tea though as other liquids (juice, flavoured coffees) can have high calories. Just a thought!