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Hey everyone !! So I am counting carbs … doing a lot of meat protein … honestly I can’t figure out what a set like daily carb/net carb/ protein intake correctly … the app helps a lot but I have been trying to get off off 231.2lbs for almost 5 days doing yoga for 30 minutes a night logging my meals … can’t kick up my weight loss …. Any advice ? Am I on the wrong diet ??
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    Just like the other poster. Suzy said - It takes time -you want to be it a calorie deficit - I also eat low carb - it works better for me
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    Everyone has a macro that provides them more satiety.

    I eat super high protein, and lean lower carb. That keeps me full.

    You may feel that way consuming higher fats or carbs. We all respond differently. You’ve got to pay attention to your body. It will tell you what makes it happy.

    You’re not clear if you’ve only been doing this five days altogether or have been “stuck” for five days.

    Either way, five days is nothing. My husband has hit a plateau that’s lasted a couple months, but I looked at his pants this morning and laughed out loud. They were so baggy it was ridiculous and the crotch was hanging to his knees. It’s a miracle he hasn’t lost them at some point. Yet, only a pound or two lost during this entire period.

    I gained 3 pounds overnight, because I enjoyed a few extra calories of salty stuff. I’ll be back down in a couple of days.

    It takes time to lose, and time to understand the rhythm of loss and how your body will react to loss over time.

    I started over 222, and am currently holding at 134, give or take a few pounds wobble room for salt, exercise soreness, and so on.

    Weighing and logging food is beyond important to understand and get a grip on what you’re putting in your body.

    The app works.

    The question is, will you?
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    1. Everyone will have a different macro split that will work best for them by keeping them satiated and energized the best. It will take you a lot of time to figure this out, though. So, I really wouldn't worry about the split of your macros at this time at all.
    2. You need to be in a caloric deficit *consistently, over time, to see weight loss results. 5 days is really nothing really when it comes to actual usable data for weight loss. Your weight may swing by multiple lbs over 5 days up or down and have nothing to do with whether you are losing weight or not.

    1st --- did you use MFP's guided set up to figure out your daily calorie goal. If so, MFP has given you a daily calorie goal that is *already* at a deficit from your maintenance calories (assuming you chose 'lose weight' when setting it up). Do that for ~a month and then see what happened - did you lose/stay the same/gain? Then you can work on trouble-shooting if need be.

    Prime example of it being different for everyone: I have (not uncommonly) gotten like 40-50% of my daily calories from fat. I don't suggest setting it like that ... but that's how it worked out with what I ate. I have 2 'staple' breakfasts that I make on the weekends usually and one is higher in protein than the other one - almost the same amount of calories but I feel hungry ~2hrs earlier on the lower protein one.

    You'll find your sweet-spot - not need to figure it out now - but it will take time and trial/error.