GOOD tasting gluten free muffins?

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I'm attending a bachelorette weekend getaway, and we are doing an Air BnB and a continental style breakfast, where we each bring something. I am in charge of muffins, and I recently found out that one of the girls, who happens to be my best friend since childhood, found out a few months ago that she has a gluten intolerance. She insisted that she would bring her own food so she didn't burden anyone, but I don't think that's super fair or inclusive so I'm planning on bringing a couple gluten free muffin varieties, as well as regular.
That being said, I've never had rhyme or reason to try anything gluten free as my body handles it just fine. So I'm not sure how it affects texture, baking, or taste. I'd prefer recipes that could be enjoyed by both sides. It'd be AMAZING if the other girls weren't even able to tell that there was something different about them, but again, I have no idea how this gluten free thing works and if that's even possible.
I've googled recipes, but reviews are always mixed, and I was hoping someone here would have some insight, and possibly even have served them to "non-gluten free people" with success.
Low calorie is always a plus, but if I have to exercise a little more self control for one weekend, I can manage.
Thank you so much!!


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    I saw these at the store and they were pretty tasty. Cons: the cake sticks to the wrapper a little and they were $3.50
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    How many girls are going to this thing? I was going to tell you about Trader Joe's but then realized they were cupcakes...

    Muffins are like cupcakes tho!

    I don't eat gluten free either but those cupcakes were deeeeeeelicious.
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    I'm not GF but there's a gluten-free brand called Bobo's that makes some pretty awesome small muffins (their site calls them "bites") and some of them are stuffed with a fruit filling, eg apple cinnamon or strawberry too. They make some other snacks/pastries/etc as well, all GF.
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    Can you these from Publix, Kroger, or Costco?
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    If you don’t keep a gluten free kitchen, it’s hard to bake for someone who needs gluten free food. Gluten is really sticky and gets all over everything. The risk of your friend being inadvertently “glutened” is pretty high, which is probably why she’s bring her own food. So, it’s a sweet gesture to bake something for her, but chances are, she won’t eat it anyways.

    You’re better off calling her and asking her how you could help. Is there something you could buy to bring along? A local gluten-free bakery nearby? Can you scout out some good reputable restaurants with dedicated gluten free fryers or areas of the kitchen? Your time might be better spent that way and lift some traveling stress for her that way, too
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    Josie's Best Muffin and More Mix is outstanding. I have been GF for 20 years, and these are really good! It's a mix so all the hard stuff is done for you. Remember, when making anything GF, you need to carefully clean all cooking surfaces/tools/bowls/utensils... To avoid cross-contamination, try to do all your prep in the same place. Use muffin papers to protect from accidental crumbs from the muffin tin. You can order Josie's best on Amazon. Good luck!
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    A couple things…

    Cupcakes are just muffins ready to party


    ATK (American Test Kitchens) has two very good GF cookbooks (Volume 1&2).

    I realize that OP may not be interested in the books, but it may help someone else.