Can't stop even when I've had enough.

Once I start I can't stop! (eating, that is!). I'm reasonably aware of the nutritional concept of food, and I prefer healthy food anyway. And I'm physically fit (for an old bloke, lol) But, i really struggle to leave food alone even if I know I've had enough. If it's there I keep eating. It's like my brain refuses to accept the message that enough is enough. It's usually worse later in the day and at night. I suppose I'm looking for a a magic switch which will let me look at food without eating it when I don't need it.


  • Idontcareyoupick
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    Can you make yourself single serving bags or get what you want for your meal and get away from the kitchen until the next meal? There's no magic bullet and you'll have to work on coping or avoiding strategies. I've heard of ppl locking their fridge and cabinet if it's that bad.
  • jaredsaccount
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    I have the same problem. I've started cleaning up food before I eat or having someone else put food away after we eat. If I do it, I'll want more. If I just step back for a bit, the urge to eat more passes.
  • fatty2begone
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    Not sure if its the same thing, but I have trigger foods that will do that for me. Bread and chips. Cant just eat one and when gone, move onto what ever isn't nailed down.

    I literally have to avoid those two foods. I have not learned how to eat them in moderation yet, so its best to avoid them. I am using wellness ole wraps in place of breads (50 calories and taste good) and pretzels for chips. They do not set me off on the binge.

    I don't know if you have trigger foods, but thought I would put that out there just in case.

    Best wishes on this journey called life.
  • yayamom3
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    I've been doing intermittent fasting since January. Whenever I eat something, I seem to have a switch that turns on and makes me want more and more food. I've found that if I fast until the afternoon, I have a much easier times controlling my food intake. I drink coffee and sip on no/low calorie liquids until 3:00 pm. Then I have a generous snack followed by a large dinner a few hours later. It's really working well for me.