Hello all!!!
In 2016 I started my weight loss journey at 224 pounds, and by the end of 2018, I got down to 135 pounds, mostly through intermittent fasting. Unfortunately, during Covid 2020, I gained 40 back and now I’m up to 175!! I’ve felt a depression spell from it and am looking for support to help lift up my spirits and get me back on a healthy path. Intermittent fasting was too difficult for me to maintain. Please add me! Any advice is appreciated🙏♥️


  • NaomiCristel
    NaomiCristel Posts: 4 Member
    I know sis we can do this ❤️ Hopefully we find good community on here who can relate and we can all do it together. You can do this 🙏
  • TxTiffani
    TxTiffani Posts: 798 Member
    I feel you! You lost more than I have but I have lost and regained 3 times in my adult life…trying to look at the long game this time with maintenance in mind rather than the initial weight loss. I hate losing weight I’ve already lost🤦🏼‍♀️ but hopefully sitting with that feeling will help me this time as I get down to goal to keep me from regaining!💪🏻

    Honestly, though, you’re still way ahead of where you started last time! This is not a total loss just a set back and I’ve heard that “a set back is just a set-up for a comeback!” You’ve got this!!
  • Beautyofdreams
    Beautyofdreams Posts: 1,009 Member
    Your last paragraph is dead on! It is just a temporary setback and not the end of weight loss. I have never done intermittent fasting but focus on eating 3-5 servings of vegetables, 2-3 servings fruit, 3 servings protein and one serving of whole grain before allowing myself any treat foods. The fiber helps fill me up and since whole, unprocessed fruits and vegetables are low calorie, I can fit them into the 1,280 calorie allowance that Mfp gives me to lose 0.5 lb/wk but have found it to be closer to my maintenance. Experiment with meal timing and try to budget more calories for the time of day that you are hungrier.
    Wishing you success.
  • TravisJHunt
    TravisJHunt Posts: 533 Member
    Covid sucked, I put back on 30 lbs I had lost and stopped running which also helps keep me centered. Time to get back at it! The good news if you've done something once, you can do it again.
  • Ghostofachance
    Ghostofachance Posts: 305 Member
    Your story sounds similar to mine. The first time I made a real effort to improve my health in 2014, I started at 345 pounds and got down to 235. A change in jobs and stress at home led to me getting lax in my eating habits and discarding my exercise routine which resulted in ballooning back up to 300 pounds prior to making this second real attempt to get in my best possible shape before my body decides it's done supporting my years of unhealthy living.

    I'm down to 210, feel terrific, and taking the necessary steps to ensure many years of good health. You're already on the right path by acknowledging you have to rededicate yourself to the habits that gave you success previously. If intermittent fasting doesn't work for you, then make adjustments that fit into your day - more water, more steps. It's about finding ways to create slow, sustainable change. Good luck!
  • E4boys
    E4boys Posts: 15 Member
    You are my she-ro! I am currently at 213, and struggling to get down below 200. It seems that no matter how I eat, or what I eat, the weight isn't budging.
  • IheartPGH
    IheartPGH Posts: 39 Member
    Find a reputable coach/advisor who can dial-in your macros. I went with 1st Phorm. Intermittent fasting is useful, but you don't have to fast constantly to lose weight. If you're macros are on point, you can eat a lot more than you realize, and still lose all of the body fat that you want to. Best of luck!
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