Can’t gain weight… advice?

I’m not a fussy eater and eat a couple of 400g ready meals adding milk and butter, plus 3-4 weetabix and whole milk with sugar every morning. Thanks have 2-3 ensure high calorie desserts on prescription a day to try to help me gain weight.

I’m 5.2 and 36kg.


  • KNoceros
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    Using those numbers you have a BMI of 14.6, which is dangerously low. As you are probably aware, a weight of 50kg (BMI 20) would be more appropriate for someone of your height.

    I very much doubt anyone here is qualified to give you much advice other than to say eat more (it really doesn’t matter what) and get medical help urgently.

    If possible it may also be worth reducing your activity levels for a bit, since weight gain happens when you eat more calories than you burn. So, if you are struggling to eat more, burn fewer.

    Hope the scale is rising soon.
  • DancingMoosie
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    Just eat more? Calorie dense foods, like nut butter, trail mix, full fat meat and dairy, avocado, oils added to what you already eat.
  • psuLemon
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    This is a good place to start. But it's all about consistency.