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My recent achievement has absolutely smashing my own swimming records!

I used to enjoy recreational swimming in my teens, but stopped and never got into it again. During group challenge in February, we had to try someone else's food and exercise - I chose swimming and I have been in the pool 4+ times a week since then!

For some background/context -
I'm 32, F, 5'1", SW Jan 2022 240lbs, CW 205lbs.

My exercise levels until January consisted of maybe a 15 minute walk every other day.

To show my continued improvements, here is a little comparison between my first session, one around mid way, and most recent PB 💪🙌

During my first session (Feb 13) -
30 lengths
750 meters
Average pace (mins) / 100m - 8'53"

Around midway from beginning (Mar 9)
40 lengths
1000 metres
Average pace (mins) / 100m - 4'29"

Most recent PB (Apr 6)
60 lengths
1500 metres
Average pace (mins) / 100m - 3'55"

I'm continuing to push myself further and faster 🤗❤️


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    That is great progress. I wish I could find a pool to swim in. I may have to look into that. I love to swim and had an above pool growing up, that my family found me in it all summer long.
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    Strong work!
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    Great job! I'm a terrible swimmer. I think I can swim, but when I'm done I'm burping. I think I swallowing air as I swim. I don't know how to stop that.
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    That's great well done .... I've just got back in the pool this week after about 6 years away, my own insecurities got the better of me, and I was worried I would be a laughing stock as I'm a big lass but I needed to turn things around. So I've bought a monthly swim membership, the more I go the cheaper it works out right? Its £5.35 for an hours session here or a monthly membership of £19.99. I've been 3 times this week which will average out to be £1.66 a session if I keep it up (which I will !!)

    And guess what nobody batted an eyelid at what I looked like everyone just gets on with their own thing. I've really enjoyed this week, its been a chance to switch off from work, home, kids etc etc and like you I'm pushing myself to do a little more each time. I used to swim regularly and could do 70 lengths on average but I'm a lot bigger now but so far I've managed to do 30 lengths of a 25m pool on Saturday, then 36 on Tuesday and 42 last night .... I'm booked in tomorrow so I'm hoping for 44.

    I'm keeping a log of how many metres I have swum in the exercise notes as an accumulative running total I think that will inspire me as well.

    Keep up the good work :)
  • GemmaM_x
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    broadwey21 wrote: »
    I was worried I would be a laughing stock as I'm a big lass but I needed to turn things around.

    Isn’t it quite something how much we worry what others are thinking about us? I recently came to the realisation that others don’t judge us nearly as harshly as we think 🥺❤️

    The incentive to get your moneys worth is definitely a good one! My membership is a gym & swim one, so I’m lucky to have lots of options.

    I’ve sent you a friend request as it’s great to have fellow swimmers, and I’m looking forward to seeing you smash your goals 💪

  • jonni82014
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    Swimming could be the “magic key” It’s not discussed as much as hiking, jogging, running or walking. Fantastic posts
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    jonni82014 wrote: »
    Swimming could be the “magic key” It’s not discussed as much as hiking, jogging, running or walking. Fantastic posts

    Thank you! I'm a firm believer that the best exercise is one you can happily stick with. For me, it's definitely swimming 😊❤️

  • girlwithcurls2
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    There's a group here called "Swimmers!" If I knew how to post the link, I would, but maybe if you search for it? It's not super active right now. Covid shut down so many of our pools that many folks turned to other activities, but there is a wonderful group of swimmers there. When I first learned to swim, I got so many tips and so much helpful advice from this group. Feel free to come over! It would be lovely to have new people and active swimmers. I am just now getting back into swimming after two years. I have no idea how far I can go or how long I can last, but it was really key to my weight management, and I never slept better in my life. Now that I'm in the throes of menopause, I really need it again. It's daunting to start up a new routine, but I know I'll feel better. I will, right? ;)
  • GemmaM_x
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    @girlwithcurls2 - Thank you! I'll try to find the group and join. It's always lovely to speak to others who are doing the same things!

    A new routine is always tough, but if you're doing something you enjoy it is definitely a huge help.

    You can, and will, feel better! ❤️
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    Nice, I'm a swimmer too. I was really surprised what an all body workout swimming is. I lost some kilos and muscle.
    Now with this app i'm trying again to get were i was. After some corona periods I gained a lot.
    I also do winter-swimming. but that is just a few mintues. Now the the ouside water temperature is above 15 degrees(might take some training) I can crawl again in open water. Which I do with and open water swimming whatsapp group.
    So If you don't have a pool but you have a lake nearby, it is an option! I would be suprised if there is no whatsapp or facebook group close to the lake.
    Keep it up Gemma, you pace goes up fast and the distance also!