Weight gain

truth is im here because i gained weight yes like most people do but i´ve had to change so many things about my life to actually see what in facts make me gain weight eating i feel ugly i look ugly im constanly reminded of that but itś time for a change im going to do it but itś hard because this is the only free app and itś just not right some people need there lives changed and paying tones of money each month is ridiculous.


  • papercut2k
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    You can get a lot mileage from the free parts of MFP. I've used MFP extensively in 2017 and had some success just using the food diary function. Now, I'm back again and I'll little bit disappointed how many features they stuck behind a pay wall. I didn't need or use all the fancy premium features in 2017 but the recipe feature would have been nice to have for free.

    IMO, the main reason people have weight problems is because they don't know what to eat. Yes, veggies, fruits and lean cuts of meat are good but how to cook that into something tasty every day?

    But that's the sign of our times. Weight loss is a multi-billion industry and I can't fault MFP for cashing in. I used to lurk at Bodybuilding.com for tips and now you have to pay for everything. Meh. Website and app development cost money.

    Best of luck on your journey. I think you'll have an easier time if you give yourself a break and work with what you got.