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    @deepwoodslady - Sending you hugs as I know this uptick in your weight must be adding more pressure to everything else that has been happening around you. I know you can bounce back!

    @dawnbgethealthy - I know you have been trying different methods and elimination diets to see what works best for your body, so the upticks you were having must have been difficult too! I was happy to see things starting to come down again! Hang in there!

    @nikkit321- Sending you lots of support! I know Covid took a lot out of you and it has been frustrating for you to figure out how to get back on track. I think sometimes what our mind wants and what our bodies can do cannot align at the same time. I hope that you can stay strong mentally until your body is able to catch back up!

    @river49 - Wishing you an extended trip on the 160s train!

    @ashleycarole86 - It looks like your body is adjusting to something you are doing. Great job!

    @indigomakeithappen - Sending you support as you figure out what is causing your uptick.

    @staceymcmd - Great work!

    @OhioLibrarian - I agree with dawnbgethealthy about your diet. I think I need to focus on just eating one or two of the same meals for awhile. That would help with my consistency issues.

    @MsMcClane - I feel ya on the extended four-day weekend - and this one has chocolate involved. Lol!

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    I am Dawn. 61, 5'2"
    I joined MFP October 28.18 at 191
    I averaged a 1 pound loss per month, so very slow.

    My ideal healthy weight by plugging in my numbers (height, age, measurements etc.) is 110-118

    I was close to the 120s in February of 2021 at 130.6.
    I was 131.1 in September of 2021. I somehow gained quite a bit since then, but in March of 2022 I did a cleanse to reset my body and eating habits and ended up with a small loss at the end of the month, the first loss in a long time.

    3/31 - 135.2
    4/01 - 137.4 - 2.2 pounds overnight?? I had a healthy and active day yesterday, so hoping that it is just a weird fluctuation. I am still going to use my EW from March as my start weight for this month though. No point (in my mind) of counting a loss if it is not cumulative.
    4/02 - 136.2 - Terrible day eating wise, I was so busy, then stressed, so basically didn't eat all day and then ate a bit but nothing nutritious. I will try to do better today.
    4/03 - 137.0 - Very early weigh in, I feel leaner than that. Up and down is normal for me though. I will get lots of activity in today, my day off, and will have time for healthy food prep.
    4/04 - 136.4 - Not a very good day for nutrition. Calories and activity were good.
    4/05 - 137.6 - ?? Such as it goes. Lots of workouts, good food choices.
    4/06 - 137.2 - Lots of workouts, good food choices, but very long workday and didn't finish dinner until midnight. Tonight will be the same.
    4/07 - 137.0 - It has been a busy work week for me with a couple of late nights. Food choices could be a bit better, but not bad overall.
    4/08 - 137.6 - Quite shocked by the jump, I awoke feeling quite lean and expected quite a drop today. My only difference yesterday was increased water. Maybe tomorrow : - )
    4/09 - 135.4 - Thank you all for the hugs yesterday. You would think that with 3+ years on MFP that I would be used to these fluctuations. I am okay to see a jump if I have had some indulgences, but when I am "good" consistently and keep seeing a rise I still get upset and demoralized by it. Today's weight was what I expected to see yesterday. Today I am going to have some indulgences, I will keep it under control and get lots of workouts in to mitigate it.
    4/10 - 136.4 - Up a pound, but expected it and am okay with it. I had nachos for dinner, so salt. Calories were within range. Having an indulgent meal is nice once in awhile.
    4/11 - 136.8 - On point yesterday, hopefully the last of the effects of nachos are showing up today and that tomorrow I will be lighter.
    4/12 - 136.6 - I thought that it would be lower, but better than yesterday, so I will take it.
    4/13 - 137.0 - I have been very "good", and creating good sized deficits from activity. Not happy to see this number this morning, nor expecting it. Trying to teach myself to take it in stride. Thinking that my body is a bit stuck around this weight, but going to keep working at it.
    4/14 - 135.8 - Another fluctuation, but this one is way easier to take.
    4/15 - 137.0 - Hmm, nothing different, but a jump nonetheless.
    Going to have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight with salad. If I get lots of activity in I will have regular pasta, if not I will have Kanjac noodles which are like 5 calories for a big bowl. I very rarely eat pasta, I am a grilled chicken breast and veggies kind of eater. I actually can't remember the last time that I had pasta, maybe 4 years ago. Felt like changing it up.
    4/16 -
    4/17 -
    4/18 -
    4/19 -
    4/20 -
    4/21 -
    4/22 -
    4/23 -
    4/24 -
    4/25 -
    4/26 -
    4/27 -
    4/28 -
    4/29 -
    4/30 -

    Start weight 135.2
    Goal weight 133.2
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    How do those Kanjac noodles taste @dawnbgethealthy .. I've been curious

    Thanks for the kudos @BittersweetVita ... definitely back on track after my holiday which feels great
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    April Start Weight (from Mar 30) 169.8
    April Goal Weight 165

    Apr 1 - DNW
    Apr 2 - DNW
    Apr 3 - 169
    Apr 4 - DNW
    Apr 5 - DNW
    Apr 6 - DNW
    Apr 7 - 171.6
    Apr 8 - 172.8

    Week 1 - Gained 3

    Apr 9 - 173
    Apr 10 - 172.4
    Apr 11 - 173.6
    Apr 12 - 172.4
    Apr 13 - 170.8
    Apr 14 - 168.8
    Apr 15 - 167.2

    Week 2 - Lost 5.6
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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 61 years old and from the Midwest USA. In 2016 I weighed 253 lbs. I am on a journey of health and to get back to the real me.
    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

    Starting Weight (from March 31, 2022): 199.6
    Goal: 194.6 (Five lb Loss)

    **************************************ONE DAY, ONE STEP, ONE DECISION AT A TIME************************************

    04/01…...199.8…..(Trend Weight 199.4)…..
    04/02.…..198.6…..(Trend Weight 199.6)…..
    04/03.…..199.8…..(Trend Weight 199.6}…..
    04/04.…..198.2…..(Trend Weight 199.5)…..
    04/05.…..198.8…..(Trend Weight 199.4)…..
    04/06.…..199.6…..(Trend Weight 199.5)….. 04/07.…..DNW…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/08.…..204.0…..(Trend Weight 200.2)…..

    04/09.…..202.0…..(Trend Weight 200.4)…..
    04/10.…..199.8…..(Trend Weight 200.3)….. Travel weight/water retention disappearing which is fair. Now down to the nitty gritty.

    04/11.…..201.8…..(Trend Weight 200.5)….. Wow, first a big drop, then a big gain. I’m all over the place! I had a light breakfast, out to lunch with a friend for lasagna and garlic toast. I ate half and had the other half for dinner. It didn’t seem like too much food for one day but…..well……pasta!

    04/12.…..200.8…..(Trend Weight 200.5)….. Travel today and Friday. I will try to make good choices but it’s never good. The lack of any activity while driving really hurts too. This will be a challenging week.

    04/13.…..202.8…..(Trend Weight 200.7)….. Travel always bites me in the *kitten*. What I hate most is that the trend weight is consistently over 200 and climbing. Oh, strength and resolve, where for art thou?

    04/14.…..203.8…..(Trend Weight 201.3)….. Feeling pudgy and squishy. Even my cat has begun to knead on my belly before laying down. Not a good sign! This is the day between two travels. I’ve got to make it count!

    04/15……203.0…..(Trend Weight 201.2)….. Travel plans changed today. Babysitting DGS. Handyman will be coming afterall to hang more drywall. Travel changed to Monday. Enjoy your Good Friday everyone!

    04/16……xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/17.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/18.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/19.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/20.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/21.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/22.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/23.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/24.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/25.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/26.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
    04/27.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
    04/28.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
    04/29.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
    04/30.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
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    My name is Greg, Height: 6'5" Age: 51.

    MFP starting weight: 266 (Feb. 6, 2022)
    April 3rd current weight: 245.2
    End of the month goal weight: 240
    Goal weight: 200
    Daily calorie goal: 2105

    My goal for the month is to follow my workout plan and not go over my daily calorie goal.

    I'm going to post daily logs of my workouts / calories eaten and my weekly weigh-ins.

    1st: Completed Hasfit 25 Minute Standing Low Impact Cardio Workout. Calories eaten:1868.

    2nd: Workout rest day. Calories eaten: ?. Up until dinner I had followed my calorie plan and had 1239 calories left for dinner. My wife and I went out to eat, so I chose to stop counting at that point.

    3rd: First weigh-in for the month: 245.2. Completed Hasfit 40 Minute Low Impact Cardio and Abs. Calories eaten: 1991.

    4th: Completed Hasfit 25 Minute Low Impact Cardio for Beginners. Calories eaten 1685.

    5th: Completed Hasfit 14 Minute Standing Abs Workout and 30 Minute Full Body Stretch Routine. Calories eaten 2094.

    6th: Workout rest day. Calories eaten 1872.

    7th: Skipped my workout today. Calories eaten 1738.

    8th: Hasfit 30 Minute Low Impact Cardio for Beginners. My wife and I went out to a local micro-brewery and with dinner, I went 27 calories over my daily goal. Calories eaten 2132.

    9th: Workout rest day. Calories eaten 1888.

    10th: Weigh-in: 239.8. Skipped my workout today. Calories eaten 1706.

    11th: Skipped my workout today. Calories eaten 1936.

    12th: Skipped my workout today. Calories eaten 1797.

    13th: Workout rest day. Calories eaten 1702.

    14th: Hasfit 18 Minute Beginner HIIT Workout. Calories eaten 2053.

    15th: Hasfit 30 Minute Beginner Strength Training Workout. Calories eaten ?.
    My wife and I went out for dinner so I stopped counting. Going into dinner I had 1058 calories remaining in my daily goal. I'm sure I went over my daily goal, but I would guess by not more than 500 calories.

    16th: . Calories eaten .
    17th: Weigh-in: . . Calories eaten .
    18th: . Calories eaten .
    19th: . Calories eaten .
    20th: . Calories eaten .
    21st: . Calories eaten .
    22nd: . Calories eaten .
    23rd: . Calories eaten .
    24th: Weigh-in: . . Calories eaten .
    25th: . Calories eaten .
    26th: . Calories eaten .
    27th: . Calories eaten .
    28th: . Calories eaten .
    29th: . Calories eaten .
    30th: End of month weight: .
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    The Konjac noodles are good. They are made from the root I think. They come in a few different shapes and several different brands. They have rice shaped, spaghetti, angel hair etc. Shirataki is another name for them I believe.

    They are in sort of a liquid and need to be rinsed, but not cooked, so just can be added straight to a stirfry or sauce.
    They don't have much flavour on their own. I find them easier than spaghetti squash, that is too much work for me lol. Spaghetti squash also imports a flavour.
    The Konjac have a firm texture, like an al dente pasta.

    I very seldom eat a pasta-y type of dish. I don't make stirfrys very often either, but they are great in that.
    The nutrient content of Konjac is mainly fibre, 6g, and I am often very short on fibre.

    It is 5-10 calories for the entire package.
    I like sauce and meatballs, I would rather add another meatball (or 6 small ones) instead of the calorie content of regular pasta.

    Editing this post, I just Googled.

    Turns out that you are supposed to boil it for 2 or 3 minutes. Oop, I never have.

    I also found out some more about the nutrition, I will cut and paste here:
    Prized for its nutritional qualities konjac contains amino acids, minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and magnesium and is high in fibre as well as easily digestible. Benefiting the gastrointestinal system, konjac helps you stay fuller for longer making it particularly appealing to dieters.

    Magnesium is a supplement I take for night leg cramps. I didn't know that Konjac had that. I should try to eat it more often I guess.