Stuck weight

Hi I'm confused everyday when i finish my diary it always says if you eat like this you will weigh ???? In 5 weeks so marked my calander but weight is not moving i even started going to gym 3 times a week first of march and I'm always about 100 to 200 calories below my goal can someone please help me with this?


  • lynn_glenmont
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    How are you determining how much food you are eating? Do you use a food scale?
  • wilson10102018
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    You body weight is the best instrument for counting your calories. After 5 weeks, if you are not losing any weight you are not in a calorie deficit. You have counted wrong in your daily diary or your daily calorie goal is incorrect. Accept the fact and see which mistake is the problem.
  • sijomial
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    Inaccurate food logging leading to eating more than you think would be the chief suspect.
  • PAV8888
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    Before we all go through the trouble shooting end, what does not moving mean?

    Does it mean you're expecting to be 12lbs down (5 x 7 x 1200 on a day you've come under) and you're "only" 4lbs down 5 weeks later?

    Or does it mean that your trending weight app says you're the same weight five weeks later as you were before?

    Some context on the expectations, including how far above "normal weight" you currently are at would be relevant to how this concern should be looked at...