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47 yo PCOS Int Fast +Keto

Hi there I'm Amy. I'm 47-yeard-old. I've had PCOS since I was 19 and I've been diagnosed with lupus. I've been chubby most of my life and had to fight with my weight as most of my family members have too. I have lost weight a couple times in my life and it worked but it never stuck and then I regained more, typical story. Now I'm at a point in my life where I'm just tired of feeling awful tired of being exhausted all the time tired of the way I look and I'm really trying to make this a lifestyle change and not just a just to lose weight for now thing. I'm embarrassed to say I got up to 265 lbs but I'm down to 232 as of now. I am doing intermittent fasting, at the present time 16 hours off 8 hours on along with a kind of sort of keto, just high protein very low carb diet and I am walking as much as I can. Hopefully soon enough I can do more aggressive exercises once I get a little bit more weight off of me. If it sounds like this is anything you're doing or anything you can identify with I would sure love to have some friends that understand and help stay motivated together. As far as myself outside of weight loss I live in Virginia I'm from Tennessee though and love it I'm a tomboy prissy girl whose entire life for Bob's around my husband who I met at 14 years old and my four English bulldogs and my favorite saying is if I would have known how much fun bulldogs would have been I wouldn't have had kids hahaha


  • stephanie5505
    stephanie5505 Posts: 9 Member
    Hello, I feel like I can relate. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 2 years ago. I’ve been doing keto for almost 4 years now. I lost over 100lbs but sadly have put about 30 back on. I’m currently sitting at about 225 (haven’t weighed myself in a couple weeks so could be more). I used to do strict keto but lately I have been doing dirty keto. I’m trying to get back to fairly strict but it’s so hard. I am thankfully still mobile and my MS is fairly mellow, I’d say the worst symptom is the fatigue. Recently I’ve also switched jobs types, went from active on my feet all day to sitting. So that sure hasn’t helped my weight gain. Anyways, I’d love to have some motivation friends of you’re interested.
  • papercut2k
    papercut2k Posts: 83 Member
    Hey. I can relate with the PCOS. It runs rampant along with diabetes on one side of my family. I'm pre-diabetic myself. I've tried intermittent fasting on other attempts at weight loss. I liked the lightness that I felt when fasting. I'll try that again once I get down to 200lbs or less. Right now, I got about 50lbs and a long way to go.
  • heathersommer1
    heathersommer1 Posts: 2 Member
    I found Keto (clean, nutritional Keto) 4 years ago after watching a documentary, and something clicked. After a VERY EXPENSIVE! re-stock , set myself up for success. Quickly became addicted to knowing everything that went into my food and lost 40lbs. When I plateaued, for weeks....I got frustrated, and with staying ON the same exact program, notice my weight was going back up. More frustration set in, and I toggled between Nutritional/Clean and Dirt keto....ALL still keto, but my weight continued to climb. I gained 20 of the 40 back (keeping in mind, when I plateaued, I was NOT at my goal, only about 1/2 way. I took a 2 week break from ALL of it. Re-set and refocused. I did NOT weight myself over these 2 weeks. Started my "clean-keto whole food" plan from scratch. My day one re-start put me at a new starting weight of 227. That was July 2021. Here are a few things that I have changed:

    1. 16:8 IF was added to my Keto plan. I keep a very consistent eating window (10am-6pm). I love feeling hungry towards the start of my window. It means my body needs fuel!
    2. I break my fast with an almond milk (unsweetened) blueberry & Avocado smoothie. Add a smidge of stevia .Very filling. OR a homemade-Keto muffin. Examples - essentially Protein /fat. Done.
    3. I do NOT eyeball. If I log 6oz of meat, I weigh it. If I log 1 serving of nuts, I measure, even to this day! I have bough containers to speed this up (I measure and mark the container that I snack out of etc). On grocery days, I bring home and measure out, before putting away. Saves time later especially if I travel or have a major busy week.
    4. I do not use ANY form of store bought salad dressing. Even ones marked "whole" or kept in the refrigerated section. I eat a LOT of salad one week just 1 serving of store bought dressing /day can through me out of ketosis. I have work arounds. (simple=best. 1to 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 TBSP everything bagel seasoning - a homemade mix).
    5. If I go out to a restaurant, I google the menu first. I actually find Keto is super easy at restaurants. Stick to what you know: Grilled meat, Salad/veg.
    6. ANTHING can be made into a salad bowl. Taco Salad Bowl. Burger Bowl (yep!...chop your meat over shredded lettuce, chop your topping like hot pepps and pickles, any wet sauces become your dressing) If you can get over not holding a burger in your hands....your flavors are all there. I have just never found a replacement that had the texture or flavor i wanted, while still being 100% wholefood.

    Everybody is different, and so many when they hear Keto think fad. Nope....I LOVE it. BUT, I do think what TYPE of keto matters, depending on how your body reacts to certain foods! Part of this has been MY learning journey....Some can have dairy, some can't. Some can have BP in store bought items, some cant. For me, Structured eating window, whole foods and measuring/weighing along with tracking those foods has been key. I walk 40min 5x week....and cause of age (turning 50 this year!) weight bearing exercises 3x week. (just 8lb)

    I am 66 down, preferable another 30 to go. I also give away my clothes to charity as soon as they become too big. I find it motivating to know i actually don't have my "fat jeans" to go back to. If I slide, and my clothes feel snug, THAT should be my red flag warning.