April accountability month for challenge & support



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    My name is Greg, Height: 6'5" Age: 51.

    MFP starting weight: 266 (Feb. 6, 2022)
    April 3rd current weight: 245.2
    End of the month goal weight: 240
    Goal weight: 200
    Daily calorie goal: 2105

    My goal for the month is to follow my workout plan and not go over my daily calorie goal.

    I'm going to post daily logs of my workouts / calories eaten and my weekly weigh-ins.

    1st: Completed Hasfit 25 Minute Standing Low Impact Cardio Workout. Calories eaten:1868.

    2nd: Workout rest day. Calories eaten: ?. Up until dinner I had followed my calorie plan and had 1239 calories left for dinner. My wife and I went out to eat, so I chose to stop counting at that point.

    3rd: First weigh-in for the month: 245.2. Completed Hasfit 40 Minute Low Impact Cardio and Abs. Calories eaten: 1991.

    4th: Completed Hasfit 25 Minute Low Impact Cardio for Beginners. Calories eaten 1685.

    5th: Completed Hasfit 14 Minute Standing Abs Workout and 30 Minute Full Body Stretch Routine. Calories eaten 2094.

    6th: Workout rest day. Calories eaten 1872.

    7th: Skipped my workout today. Calories eaten 1738.

    8th: Hasfit 30 Minute Low Impact Cardio for Beginners. My wife and I went out to a local micro-brewery and with dinner, I went 27 calories over my daily goal. Calories eaten 2132.

    9th: Workout rest day. Calories eaten 1888.

    10th: Weigh-in: 239.8. Skipped my workout today. Calories eaten 1706.

    11th: Skipped my workout today. Calories eaten 1936.

    12th: Skipped my workout today. Calories eaten 1797.

    13th: Workout rest day. Calories eaten 1702.

    14th: Hasfit 18 Minute Beginner HIIT Workout. Calories eaten 2053.

    15th: Hasfit 30 Minute Beginner Strength Training Workout. Calories eaten ?.
    My wife and I went out for dinner so I stopped counting. Going into dinner I had 1058 calories remaining in my daily goal.

    16th: Workout rest day. Calories eaten 1889.

    17th: Weigh-in: 237.8. Hasfit 45 Minute Beginner Weight Training Workout. Calories eaten No idea…
    My wife and I got together with family for Easter and it was a foodfest. I did not bother counting calories.

    18th: Hasfit 30 Minute Standing Abs and Low Impact Cardio. Calories eaten 1902.

    19th: Hasfit 12 Minute Full Body Dynamic Stretching Routine and 12 Minute Beginner Weight Training. Calories eaten 1949.

    20th: Workout rest day. Calories eaten 2064.

    21st: Hasfit 20 Minute Standing Low Impact Cardio. Calories eaten 2051.

    22nd: Hasfit 30 Minute Beginner Weight Training. My wife and I went out for dinner so I stopped counting. Going into dinner I had 999 calories remaining in my daily goal. Calories eaten ?.

    23rd: . Calories eaten .
    24th: Weigh-in: . Calories eaten .
    25th: . Calories eaten .
    26th: . Calories eaten .
    27th: . Calories eaten .
    28th: . Calories eaten .
    29th: . Calories eaten .
    30th: End of month weight: .
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    @nikkit321 - I hope you and your friend have a wonderful time at the BC event, fellow warrior!

    @river49 - It sounds like you have a good plan moving forward! I cannot wait to be outside more!

    @MsMcClane - I like how you track your steps and water goal! Bumblebees make you feel it's spring for sure!
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    I couldn't agree more with your comment about activity helping with our emotional/mental health.
    And yeah, tracking is key.
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    Hi, hope we all have a great month! My name is Beth, Height: 5'3" Age: 60
    April GW = 167
    31/03 - 170.5
    01/04 - 171.0
    02/04 - 171.5
    03/04 - 170.0
    04/04 - 169.5
    05/04 - 168.5
    06/04 - DNW
    07/04 - 168.5
    08/04 - 172.0
    09/04 - 171.0
    10/04 - 170.0
    11/04 - 169.5
    12/04 - 169.5
    13/04 - 168.5
    14/04 - 169.0
    15/04 - 168.0
    16/04 - DNW
    17/04 - DNW
    18/04 - DNW
    19/04 - 170.5
    20/04 - 172.0
    21/04 - 170.0
    22/04 - 169.5
    23/04 - 170.5 (Tracked my food today and picked up groceries to prep some meals tomorrow for the week. Still raining, hope the sun comes back soon.)
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    January Starting Weight: 194.7
    February Starting Weight: 196.1
    March Starting Weight: 189.8
    April Starting Weight: 187.0
    April Goal Weight: 183.0

    Stats: 44 y/o female, 2x cancer survivor with Hypothyroidism dealing with menopause, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and rosacea - not to be used as excuses, but to be reminders of being kind to my body and accepting of its journey.

    Goals: Drink 96 oz. of water, daily stretching and PT exercise, start weight lifting, increase walking.

    4/01: 187.0
    4/02: 186.7 - Woo-Hoo! I nailed my calories yesterday. Off to a good start!
    4/03: 185.0 - A long day at work with no time to drink any water.
    4/04: 186.1 - Evening back out with increased fluids.
    4/05: 184.7 - Surprised by this number. Thinking I am still dehydrated.
    4/06: 185.2 - Evening back out again.
    4/07: 187.0 - I have no idea. Perhaps the extra carbs and sugar.
    4/08: 186.1 - Evening back out again.
    4/09: 187.4 - I pulled an "almost all-nighter" and ate many a carbs to stay awake.
    4/10: 185.8 - Evening out again, but I think I am still dehydrated.
    4/11: 187.0 - Bwahahaha. All I can do is laugh at this yo-yo effect. I've been on point.
    4/12: 186.5 - Lots of spring cleaning helping to burn some calories. Lol!
    4/13: 185.6 - I need to focus on drinking more water for sure.
    4/14: 188.2 - Stress-eating and not staying true to myself lead to this jump.
    4/15: 187.8 - Woke up feeling sick from overeating. I need to remember this feeling.
    4/16: 186.7 - I did well on calories and biked to/from work.
    4/17: 186.5 - I biked to work again.
    4/18: 187.5 - Easter dinner made by my husband with lots of calories and carbs.
    4/19: 188.4 - Ate Easter dinner leftovers. Not feeling well at all. Bloated.
    4/20: 188.5 - The big Easter meal and recent over-eating has thrown me off track.
    4/21: 187.8 - Good calorie day. Plan is to drink 1 cup of water before each cup of coffee.
    4/22: 186.1 - I was under calories and stuck to my water/coffee plan. Yeah!
    4/23: 187.2 - late night/early morning snacking while cleaning house.
    4/24: 185.6 - Very busy at work and only ate 1 meal. Dehydrated.
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    April Start Weight (from Mar 30) 169.8
    April Goal Weight 165

    Apr 1 - DNW
    Apr 2 - DNW
    Apr 3 - 169
    Apr 4 - DNW
    Apr 5 - DNW
    Apr 6 - DNW
    Apr 7 - 171.6
    Apr 8 - 172.8

    Week 1 - Gained 3

    Apr 9 - 173
    Apr 10 - 172.4
    Apr 11 - 173.6
    Apr 12 - 172.4
    Apr 13 - 170.8
    Apr 14 - 168.8
    Apr 15 - 167.2

    Week 2 - Lost 5.6

    Apr 16 - 167.6
    Apr 17 - 167.6
    Apr 18 - 168.6
    Apr 19 - 167.6
    Apr 20 - 167.6
    Apr 21 - 166.4
    Apr 22 - 165

    Week 3 - Lost 2.2

    Apr 23 - 167.2
    Apr 24 - 167
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    I agree that the calorie burn seems very high for just over 6000 steps. However, you are more than a foot taller than me, and 100 pounds heavier, so it could be right?
    10,000 steps for me (1 hour and 20 minutes total of walking) gives me a 350 calorie burn. I use a pedometre, but I put my weight and height into it.
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    I am Dawn. 61, 5'2"
    I joined MFP October 28.18 at 191
    I averaged a 1 pound loss per month, so very slow.

    My ideal healthy weight by plugging in my numbers (height, age, measurements etc.) is 110-118

    I was close to the 120s in February of 2021 at 130.6.
    I was 131.1 in September of 2021. I somehow gained quite a bit since then, but in March of 2022 I did a cleanse to reset my body and eating habits and ended up with a small loss at the end of the month, the first loss in a long time.

    3/31 - 135.2
    4/01 - 137.4 - 2.2 pounds overnight?? I had a healthy and active day yesterday, so hoping that it is just a weird fluctuation. I am still going to use my EW from March as my start weight for this month though. No point (in my mind) of counting a loss if it is not cumulative.
    4/02 - 136.2 - Terrible day eating wise, I was so busy, then stressed, so basically didn't eat all day and then ate a bit but nothing nutritious. I will try to do better today.
    4/03 - 137.0 - Very early weigh in, I feel leaner than that. Up and down is normal for me though. I will get lots of activity in today, my day off, and will have time for healthy food prep.
    4/04 - 136.4 - Not a very good day for nutrition. Calories and activity were good.
    4/05 - 137.6 - ?? Such as it goes. Lots of workouts, good food choices.
    4/06 - 137.2 - Lots of workouts, good food choices, but very long workday and didn't finish dinner until midnight. Tonight will be the same.
    4/07 - 137.0 - It has been a busy work week for me with a couple of late nights. Food choices could be a bit better, but not bad overall.
    4/08 - 137.6 - Quite shocked by the jump, I awoke feeling quite lean and expected quite a drop today. My only difference yesterday was increased water. Maybe tomorrow : - )
    4/09 - 135.4 - Thank you all for the hugs yesterday. You would think that with 3+ years on MFP that I would be used to these fluctuations. I am okay to see a jump if I have had some indulgences, but when I am "good" consistently and keep seeing a rise I still get upset and demoralized by it. Today's weight was what I expected to see yesterday. Today I am going to have some indulgences, I will keep it under control and get lots of workouts in to mitigate it.
    4/10 - 136.4 - Up a pound, but expected it and am okay with it. I had nachos for dinner, so salt. Calories were within range. Having an indulgent meal is nice once in awhile.
    4/11 - 136.8 - On point yesterday, hopefully the last of the effects of nachos are showing up today and that tomorrow I will be lighter.
    4/12 - 136.6 - I thought that it would be lower, but better than yesterday, so I will take it.
    4/13 - 137.0 - I have been very "good", and creating good sized deficits from activity. Not happy to see this number this morning, nor expecting it. Trying to teach myself to take it in stride. Thinking that my body is a bit stuck around this weight, but going to keep working at it.
    4/14 - 135.8 - Another fluctuation, but this one is way easier to take.
    4/15 - 137.0 - Hmm, nothing different, but a jump nonetheless.
    Going to have spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight with salad. If I get lots of activity in I will have regular pasta, if not I will have Kanjac noodles which are like 5 calories for a big bowl. I very rarely eat pasta, I am a grilled chicken breast and veggies kind of eater. I actually can't remember the last time that I had pasta, maybe 4 years ago. Felt like changing it up.
    4/16 - 136.0 - I didn't even end up having spaghetti and meatballs last night. Maybe tonight.
    4/17 - 136.8 - Going to do some HIIT with weights today and get out for a nice hike/walk on a trail somewhere.
    4/18 - DNW - Ran out of time
    4/19 - 137.2 - I have been "good" but with working splits the amount of time between dinner and morning weigh-ins has lessened.
    4/20 - 136.0 - Still a ways to go to get back to my start weight, but that is the goal.
    4/21 - 136.0 - Very unusual for me to weigh the same 2 days in a row.
    4/22 - 136.4 - At this point I would be happy to get back to my start weight for the month, that could be a tall order considering how many days are left, but I will try.
    4/23 - 136.8 - Woke up feeling very lean this morning even though my weight shows an uptick. It was 5am and I needed a big glass of water, so weighed first. Just one day off this weekend, today. Planning on HIIT with weights and a nice trail walk/hike later weather permitting.
    4/24 - 138.0 - Quite a jump up, highest of the month so far. Not sure why, woke up feeling lean yet again this morning. I will take this one in stride. I was on point. Last split shift today and then I go back to normal day shifts, so hopefully eating at a reasonable time will really help to bring it back down in the week to come.
    4/25 -
    4/26 -
    4/27 -
    4/28 -
    4/29 -
    4/30 -

    Start weight 135.2
    Goal weight 133.2
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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 61 years old and from the Midwest USA. In 2016 I weighed 253 lbs. I am on a journey of health and to get back to the real me.
    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

    Starting Weight (from March 31, 2022): 199.6
    Goal: 194.6 (Five lb Loss)

    **************************************ONE DAY, ONE STEP, ONE DECISION AT A TIME************************************

    04/01…...199.8…..(Trend Weight 199.4)…..
    04/02.…..198.6…..(Trend Weight 199.6)…..
    04/03.…..199.8…..(Trend Weight 199.6}…..
    04/04.…..198.2…..(Trend Weight 199.5)…..
    04/05.…..198.8…..(Trend Weight 199.4)…..
    04/06.…..199.6…..(Trend Weight 199.5)….. 04/07.…..DNW…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/08.…..204.0…..(Trend Weight 200.2)…..

    04/09.…..202.0…..(Trend Weight 200.4)…..
    04/10.…..199.8…..(Trend Weight 200.3)…..
    04/11.…..201.8…..(Trend Weight 200.5)…..
    04/12.…..200.8…..(Trend Weight 200.5)…..
    04/13.…..202.8…..(Trend Weight 200.7)….. 04/14.…..203.8…..(Trend Weight 201.3)….. 04/15……203.0…..(Trend Weight 201.2)….. 04/16……201.8…..(Trend Weight 201.3)…..
    04/17.…..203.4…..(Trend Weight 201.5)…..
    04/18.…..204.4…..(Trend Weight 201.8)….. Did someone say Easter Dinner?

    04/19.…..199.2…..(Trend Weight 201.5)….. We went out for Easter Dinner and to see the Easter Bunny and find eggs with DGS #4 because of a lack of kitchen during my reno. I felt like I ate a normal amount and did not even finish. Yesterday (Monday) I was so swollen in my calves and ankles and stomach that I was miserable. I pushed water and only got in my 250 steps 3 times out of 13 on my fitbit. Barely over 3000 steps for the day. On the couch all day with headache and miserable uncomfortable swelling. My doctor recently gave me a water pill to help aid my heart until I see the cardiologist June 1st. It is prescribed to take 2-3 times a week which is why I sometimes feel my weight will go up & down. I took the pill yesterday and those steps are from going back & forth potty. I also took a magnesium pill to help with TMI because it had been a few days. Both worked. Imagine my shock to see over 5 ½ pounds down overnight when I was so immobile! Glad to see it under 200! I feel much better today but I’m starving and my body wants to make up for the lesser amounts of food yesterday. I’ll choose wisely.

    04/20.…..200.8…..(Trend Weight 201.5)….. I think this is my weight and body adjusting after such a large drop on the scale yesterday. While I’m not happy with this number, it does feel correct and right.

    04/21.…..200.8…..(Trend Weight 201.4)….. Holding steady but need to see improvement. Very low level calorie burn yesterday. I’ve got to up my game as much as I safely can.

    04/22.…..200.2…..(Trend Weight 201.3)….. I am making some good choices for the meals. Snacks still need to be worked on. Dinner tomorrow with my daughter will be in the next town over and will spill over my allowances. I’ll have to make today an extra good day for compensation. Babysitting DGS #4 today so up & down the stairs I go!

    04/23.…..200.6…..(Trend Weight 201.2)….. I’m very happy to see my trend weight going down. Scale up a bit today but I feel very bloated. Diet choices were good yesterday but calorie burn was low level.

    04/24.…..204.2…..(Trend Weight 201.5)….. 3.6 lbs overnight gain because of dinner out. WTH? Rotiss chicken breast, a side of pasta, a side of cottage cheese. 2 Oatmeal raisin cookies. Not exactly a diet meal but over 3 ½ pounds? Okey dokey. Bad weather has already started for the day. Rain, thunderstorms, hail expected and possible tornado watches today. I guess I’ll be inside.

    04/25.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)…..
    04/26.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
    04/27.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
    04/28.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
    04/29.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……
    04/30.…..xxxxx…..(Trend Weight xxxxx)……