Surgery food prep

Hello, I’m having surgery on Friday and trying to get some ideas on food prep I should start. Any ideas?


  • 88AViva
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    Hi 👋🏼
    I would suggest something light, with lighter flavours (not heavily seasoned food) as well. Vegetable or chicken soup with rice porridge. Or a mild tasting stew with bread. Grilled chicken or fish is always a safe option. If you are vegetarian / vegan.... Vegetable stews and soups are okay and replace the meats with eggplant or potatoes.
    Hope all goes well with your surgery🌼
  • wilson10102018
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    Constipation is a common consequence of surgery. Expect it and plan accordingly.
  • AnnPT77
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    Whatever it is, I'd recommend that it add up to maintenance calories, or close to that, for at least the first couple of weeks to a month after surgery. Adequate calories and good nutrition help with healing and recovery.

    I kept at a calorie deficit after relatively non-intrusive surgery (laparoscopic gallbladder removal), and came to regret it. (Healed OK, fortunately, but got weak/fatigued.) Talk with your medical team. IMO, the immediate period post-surgery is not a great time to aggressively pursue weight loss.
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    I guess it depends what the surgery is.

    I thought at first you meant WLS but that would be quite specific and you would be under care of a dietician or such like - or at least have post op instructions.

    When I had a hemi -thyroidectomy in 2016 (relatively major surgery) I just ate small amounts afterward until I felt like eating more - didnt eat or not eat anything in particular
    and softish foods - lasagne etc rather than steak and crunchy veggies, for about a week - but that was specific to throat surgery
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    Just popping in to say that I read the title of your post as “Sugary food prep” and I thought it was going to be about cookies.

    Good luck with your surgery!