Sleep in clothes or naked



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    Vikka_V wrote: »
    Yep, 100%

    As a female, sleeping on white sheets only is living dangerously.
    This is so true especially if you live by yourself
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    I sleep naked. My mom found out and always told me to keep pjs next to my bed in case the apartment catches on fire or someone breaks in. I told her mom if someone breaks in I'm just going to pull back the covers and let the rolls of fat scare them away lol 😂[/quote
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    Vikka_V wrote: »
    Kinda funny story, after the fact

    Cops banging on my door at 3 am saying "police, open up"
    (me in a teeny tank and undies)
    What do I do? Get dressed? If I hesitate am I "guilty"?

    Ahhhh, random decision!!

    So I answer the door 'as is' and was amused by the 2 cops averting their eyes as they spoke to me...was super vulnerable feeling, but made me giggle too.

    This is my nightmare 😆 hair a mess, boobs falling out, cellulite showing, and @kinetixtrainer2 at the door.

    Ma’am I need you to come with me. Shhh, I’ll explain when I get you in the car.


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    Tankiscool wrote: »
    Usually nakey, but sometimes with tank and panties if I’m feeling sexy.


    I thought we weren't sharing that with peeps? 😉

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    Well, I'm usually naked under my shirt and boxers. Does that count?
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    Socks only….my feet get cold
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    Boxers only, can’t deal with much clothes. I get quite hot at night!🤷‍♂️
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    Depends on the occasion. And after the occasion mostly in my comfy SpongeBob pajamas
  • I sleep among the fragments of forgotten dreams
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    Mostly boxers. But when it's really hot and humid outside, butt naked!
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  • They say you can’t tell how someone sleeps until you’ve slept a night in their clothes so that’s how I get to know people