Diabetic Burnout

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Does anyone else deal with this? What do you do?


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    What does it mean to you? Is your glucose totally out of control and you couldn't care less? Are you unhappy with the food you eat? Or something else?
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    Not totally out of control, but I'm just sick of it. I'm not motivated to do the things I should. I like to eat healthy and workout, but I don't want to do the diabetes stuff, the meds and monitoring. I did it for a long time, but I'm just burned out. I need something to light a fire under my butt.
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    **kitten** happens to people. Some go with the bounce. Some have trouble handling things.

    Counseling is an option that could help.

    Nobody can light a fire under you.

    Your local dialysis ward gets a good percentage of its clients from people in your position and the previous poster's mom.
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    My mom had diabetes, and didn't eat right at all, didn't exercise, didn't lose weight, and at times, didn't check her glucose levels for weeks on end, and at times didn't take her insulin. She ended up having about 15 strokes that we know of that left her almost completely disabled and with vascular dementia. The last year dealing with her and her issues were hell on all of my family. She had to have round the clock care and was in and out of the hospital almost non-stop the last year before she finally died at the end of January of this year.

    Why did I post this? So you don't end up the same way. It takes just seconds to check your blood sugar, and take the insulin. You will regret not taking care of it now.

    Absolutely this. Only my mom spent seven years bedridden, being spoon fed and diapers changed. She was so heavy she had to have a special hydraulic lift just to move her. Three, actually. They kept failing. The wreckage was lined up in her foyer. Agree. Hell. Absolute hell.

    If you need a fire under your butt, talk to any home care giver or nursing home aide.

    If you don’t care for your own self, is there no one you love enough to vow “I’ll never put you through that.”
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    Personally I would rather have a bit of burnout vs the consequences. Good luck.