April accountability month for challenge & support



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    Hi, hope we all have a great month! My name is Beth, Height: 5'3" Age: 60
    April GW = 167
    31/03 - 170.5
    01/04 - 171.0
    02/04 - 171.5
    03/04 - 170.0
    04/04 - 169.5
    05/04 - 168.5
    06/04 - DNW
    07/04 - 168.5
    08/04 - 172.0
    09/04 - 171.0
    10/04 - 170.0
    11/04 - 169.5
    12/04 - 169.5
    13/04 - 168.5
    14/04 - 169.0
    15/04 - 168.0
    16/04 - DNW
    17/04 - DNW
    18/04 - DNW
    19/04 - 170.5
    20/04 - 172.0
    21/04 - 170.0
    22/04 - 169.5
    23/04 - 170.5
    24/04 - 171.5
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    I just created the May thread. If you bookmark the link below; it will bring you directly to the last page you posted on, to make it easier.


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    You are crushing it this month. Great job!

    You too!

    I like to do that too. If I have a treat or a higher calorie meal plan I will work out extra to earn those calories.
    Thank you for creating May's thread, but that means that the clock is ticking toward our monthly goal for April. Yikes! At this point I don't even think that I will hit my start weight. It was looking promising at times throughout the month, but time is running out lol.
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    I agree that the calorie burn seems very high for just over 6000 steps. However, you are more than a foot taller than me, and 100 pounds heavier, so it could be right?
    10,000 steps for me (1 hour and 20 minutes total of walking) gives me a 350 calorie burn. I use a pedometre, but I put my weight and height into it.


    I was thinking about the step number and calories throughout the day. On the day my phone recorded that large calorie burn, I was wearing cargo shorts and had my phone in the cargo pocket instead of the regular pocket. That made it move a lot more than if I had it in my regular pocket. I remember when I was reading about the app, that it claimed that it could tell if I was moving vigoriously and I'm thinking that may have impacted the reading.

    Today I was wearing dress pants and with my phone in my pocket I only got 1972 steps with no calories burned calculated in the app. Using a Steps to Calorie Calculator (omnicalculator.com/sports/steps-to-calories) I found at a slow pace I had burned 154.7 calories.

    That seems more reasonable? I don't know...

    I don't count my exercize calories toward my daily calorie limit, so it doesn't really matter. :smile:
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    edited April 26
    Hello, everyone!
    It's been two weeks since I've made a post.
    The week before last I forgot to weigh in before drinking a massive glass of water and then forgot to do it on Sunday, etc... 😅
    I did weigh in last Saturday, though. It was a gain even though I've been sticking to the plan for the most part so I decided to wait and see if Sunday it'd change, but it just went up 🙆‍♀️
    So, last Saturday I was at 135 Lb (+1.4 from two weeks ago!), Sunday 135.2, Monday was 135.8 and today 135.2 lb.
    I am totally confused because I truly feel leaner and I'm slowly going back to my regular exercise schedule... I feel like 133 y'all! 🤣
    I am trying to figure out if the cause of this is:
    A ) scale is crazy
    B ) water retention (Mexican on Sat/Sun)
    C ) weight fluctuations from TOM last week
    D ) last week's high protein not-so-high fiber intake
    E ) all of the above

    Please note that in none of those scenarios I'm at fault... Interesting 🤔

    Thanks for reading my rant. I appreciate everyone in this group. Let's keep on going together! 💖

    PS. I'm tired of the MFP issues... I lost all of my data and I don't use PC so... I'm stuck on waiting for the fix. I the meantime I'm calculating calories manually hoping the nutrition is on point. Sounds like a great plan. Let's do it! 😬