Can you shred 15lbs and bulk at the same time?

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Can you gain muscle even though you are in a calorie deficit? I still have 15lbs to shed


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    That's a contraction in terms, bulking means gaining weight... both fat and muscle, depending on training and diet.

    I think you mean, can you lose 15lbs while still putting on muscle?

    That's really going to depend on where you are with body composition. If you're untrained (mostly) with higher bodyfat, you can likely put on muscle easily while losing fat if your diet on point.

    However, the more fat you lose, the harder it will be. However, it's best to build muscle while eating in a surplus.

    If you really want to cut 15lbs quickly, eat in a deficit while still lifting hard. Weight training will help you from losing hard gained muscle while you're burning fat. Once the weight is off, you can focus back on putting any muscle back on you may have lost... Maybe it won't be much.
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    Can you gain muscle even though you are in a calorie deficit? I still have 15lbs to shed

    Not really. If you're untrained you can put on some muscle by way of noob gains. Noob gains are however, short lived and relatively small. You aren't going to really "bulk" with noob gains. This actually works best when someone is still quite overweight where they have a lot of fuel reserves onboard (high BF%). Another option is recomposition where you eat right around maintenance and slowly lean out while building is a very slow process and works best when you're already fairly lean but maybe want to drop a couple %s in BF. But again, you're not really going to "bulk" with this're going to put on a little bit of muscle and lose a little bit of fat. Think more "getting in shape" than bulking.

    To truly bulk on muscle mass you have to be in a calorie surplus...bulking is an anabolic state whereas dieting puts you in a catabolic state. Building muscle has a high energy demand with a high % of calories coming from carbohydrates and protein. Your body fat energy reserves are a crappy source of fuel and your body primarily uses it in a calorie deficit for lower level functions rather than high demand functions like building muscle mass. When you bulk you will put on both fat and muscle which is why it is advisable to be at a low BF% when starting a bulking cycle as this prolongs the process for the most efficient games and also puts you in a hormonal state that is conducive to putting on muscle mass. When you bulk at higher BF%s one tends to put on more fat than muscle due to how your hormones are regulated.
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    Jeff Nippard says much the same as the above post.

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    Well no. Because bulking is the opposite of shredding.

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    Can you gain muscle even though you are in a calorie deficit?

    Yes but a calorie deficit is unhelpful for gaining muscle and a big deficit is VERY unhelpful. Choose your priorities carefully (leaner quicker vs. more muscle) as that will determine the rate of loss you aim for.

    New to training and not very lean are both helpful to gaining some muscle while in a small deficit. As of course is a good training regime as it's training not diet that drives recomposition.

    But whether you have the capability to lose fat / gain any significant muscle in a deficit don't put off training while losing - whatever your actual results turn out to be doing the right things still gives you your best possible outcome.
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    Thanks every one. I train 5 days a week. I was 215lbs, now 135lbs. I do weight training, hiit once a week and hit about 14000 to 20000 steps per day
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    You can lose weight and gain muscle. I'm in the process of doing this. I'm dropping 0.5 to 1 lb a day.

    I started at 167 lbs and down to 155 in 12 days. How? I eat one meal a day at a 500 cal deficit. With exercise I'm usually in a 1000+ cal deficit.

    I burn 800-1100 calories a day with at least 10k zone 2 steps by walking and every other day full-body work out with isometric exercises on off days.

    Macro are 60% fat 40% protein (1-2 carbs from eggs) according to myfitnesspal tacker. .

    I make sure I get 1.2 grams of protein per pound eating ground turkey and chicken. I can't eat that much protein in one sitting so I supplement 52 grams by whey protein.

    Fat from eggs, coconut oil, real butter, heavy cream.

    No fruits or vegetables...

    Losing weight is not my goal, body composition is. I'm gaining muscle or at least looks better as I drop body fat.

    Once I get the midline in order I will begin a building phase replacing chicken and turkey with beef, pork, lamb, etc and eat 2-3 meals a day. I'll most likely go 500-750 over maintenance calories while keeping the carbs negligible.

    Key is the walking, consistent resistance training, negligible carbs and vegetables, and no processed foods. Keep the diet clean...drink water and consume salt as desired...

    Good luck, you can do this...
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    This is Ludacris and so un healthy, 1lb per day? your starving your metabolism! lol thanks for the tips
    Good luck
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    Yes -You can gain muscle and loose fat at the same time. It's easier if you are untrained & overweight - the fat can supply the needed calories -