What is your motivation?

My motivation used to come from just vanity alone but now it's so I can live a long life free from issues. I work in aged care and seeing some of my inactive clients struggle and be housebound is a huge eye opener. The ones that are the healthiest and most energetic are the ones that are always active!

A more short term goal for me is improving my snoring looool. Since gaining a few pounds the last few years my snoring has got so bad my partner has to sleep in another room sometimes! He is going back to his home country for 6 months, so I am hoping by the time he comes back we will be able to sleep in the same bed every night again! I know that may sound a bit silly, but that is a huge motivation for me!

What about you guys? What keeps you going?


  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 5,000 Member
    My motivation is how much better I feel now than 75lbs ago. More confident, more fit, a lot less limitations both physically and mentally. That keeps me on track, as well as having good habits in place.

    And seeing my mom - obese and heavier than I ever was - struggle (out of breath just walking) certainly is incentive too. Not the kind of future I want for myself.
  • 88AViva
    88AViva Posts: 480 Member
    I just journalled about this the other day. Finding my why to fitness and being in better shape.

  • Happygolucky182
    Happygolucky182 Posts: 120 Member
    Staying healthy for my kiddos 🥰
  • MsCzar
    MsCzar Posts: 929 Member
    Costing one of my employers as many pension payments as possible. :D
  • JaysFan82
    JaysFan82 Posts: 621 Member
    Not to die at the age at 51 of a heart attack like my dad
  • Ladybug3612
    Ladybug3612 Posts: 2 Member
    To be healthy and active!
  • IAmTheGlue
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    I have two relatives that are the same age:

    My mom is 76 and barely mobile. Tons of health issues, frail health… chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure since before I was born, heart problems, morbid obesity, and literally cannot walk 20 feet.

    My auntie is a couple years older than my mom and she is my virtual walking buddy and almost always gets her 10k steps in. She’s always maintained her weight and been active.

    I’m watching a choose your retirement story in two scenarios…. and I’m trying so hard to choose health and mobility. I’m trying for me. I’m trying for my kids. I’m trying for my husband…

    I love my mom. I’m sad for her and I certainly don’t want that to be my future.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,330 Member
    Mostly to just stay healthy and physically competent. When I was overweight there were a lot of things I struggled with physically. I've always enjoyed outdoor recreation and was at a point years ago when I just couldn't physically do a lot of the things I used to do due to being overweight and very out of shape. Having lost weight and getting my physical fitness back has allowed me to engage in those activities again for myself and with my family without all of the fatigue and pain that came with those things when I was overweight.

    Health wise I was in a pretty bad place when I started all of this back in 2012. My dad died of a widow maker in 2013 and I was very much headed down that same path. At the time, I had a 2 year old and a new born and the thought of leaving them without a dad or being so sick and out of shape that I wouldn't be able to play and recreate with them was just a sad commentary that I decided to change. They are 12 and going on 10 now and we've had so many great adventures along the way thanks to me getting my crap together.
  • ErinKeegan2
    ErinKeegan2 Posts: 20 Member
    My motivation is my photos 10 years ago :D to be honest, I sometimes hate my body and to love myself I need to lose weight, especially on my belly :'( plus this is my chance to show up the ex
  • JessiBelleW
    JessiBelleW Posts: 799 Member
    I want to be happier In my body! And less tired, I feel like I’m tired all the bloody time and it’s so frustrating. I’ve just booked an overseas holiday somewhere very warm for the summer and the thought of all that sweat, being smaller would really help