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    I like to do that too. If I have a treat or a higher calorie meal plan I will work out extra to earn those calories.
    Thank you for creating May's thread, but that means that the clock is ticking toward our monthly goal for April. Yikes! At this point I don't even think that I will hit my start weight. It was looking promising at times throughout the month, but time is running out lol.

    I know what you mean, I always feel like time is running out. Right now I feel like I'm running out of year, and it's still April! The good thing is that we only fail if we give up, and we're still fighting!
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    Hello, everyone!
    It's been two weeks since I've made a post.
    The week before last I forgot to weigh in before drinking a massive glass of water and then forgot to do it on Sunday, etc... 😅
    I did weigh in last Saturday, though. It was a gain even though I've been sticking to the plan for the most part so I decided to wait and see if Sunday it'd change, but it just went up 🙆‍♀️
    So, last Saturday I was at 135 Lb (+1.4 from two weeks ago!), Sunday 135.2, Monday was 135.8 and today 135.2 lb.
    I am totally confused because I truly feel leaner and I'm slowly going back to my regular exercise schedule... I feel like 133 y'all! 🤣
    I am trying to figure out if the cause of this is:
    A ) scale is crazy
    B ) water retention (Mexican on Sat/Sun)
    C ) weight fluctuations from TOM last week
    D ) last week's high protein not-so-high fiber intake
    E ) all of the above

    Please note that in none of those scenarios I'm at fault... Interesting 🤔

    Thanks for reading my rant. I appreciate everyone in this group. Let's keep on going together! 💖

    PS. I'm tired of the MFP issues... I lost all of my data and I don't use PC so... I'm stuck on waiting for the fix. I the meantime I'm calculating calories manually hoping the nutrition is on point. Sounds like a great plan. Let's do it! 😬

    I'm also tired of the MFP issues. Side note, I also had a crazy scale so got a different one...I hope it's also not crazy LOL

    As women there are many factors that affect fluid retention, and they aren't always our fault. Sometimes I think all you can do is track your intake and see how different foods affect the fluid retention. Hang in there, keep making good choices, and the scale will eventually have no choice but to reflect your hard work. In the meantime, watch your other factors for encouragement: is your energy level higher; do you have more stamina; are you lifting heavier weights; are your clothes fitting better; ...
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    Thanks for your note, @nikkit321! It's easier and more encouraging to hear/read those words from others that from myself. The scale didn't budge today but I don't care. My pants fit the same as 1.6 lb ago (according to scale), so... I'm feeling good!

    Also, even if late, thanks, @dawnbgethealthy for your kind words 2 weeks ago. I check the forum weekly and thus I tend to miss things so I'm sorry that I missed your advice. It would have helped last week, but it's still relevant this week, so, thank you!

    I follow both of your journeys on your posts and I'm always rooting for you!
    Sending my best! 💖
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    Will possibly see more weight come off over the next few months. Having dental work done. Had a palate expander put in yesterday and it will definitely affect my eating. It took me over an hour to eat a piece of fish and some veggies last night! Can't get my tongue to the roof of my mouth so I am having difficulty swallowing. Have a feeling some pounds will be lost till this apparatus is removed in 6 to 8 months.

    @TinaLeigh67 That sounds painful! I hope the procedure works for you and perhaps a few pounds will be a side benefit! I lived on soft things (cottage cheese) whenever I had mouth work like braces done.