I just threw up (sorry). Do my calories still count or do I need to eat again?

As subject says. I last ate an hour ago! Thank you.


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    Hey, just get healthy again. That's the most important thing. If you feel like eating more then do it. If not then don't. :D

    Thank you so much. Much appreciated.
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    At the end of the day only the calories you fully digest will go towards your energy needs. So your best reaction depends, heavily, on the root cause!

    If you have a short-term illness, recovering from it comes ahead of any diet considerations, and forcing yourself to eat when feeling unwell probably makes no sense.

    If there is an underlying longer-term cause, or if this happens more often than once in a blue moon, a resolution should be explored with the help of an appropriate medical practitioner!
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    No you don’t need to eat but I would just worry about your immediate health first
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    Drinking (to stay hydrated) is generally more important than eating after a bout of vomiting, assuming you haven't been running a huge deficit for a sustained period before getting sick.
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    I hope you are feeling better now.