Hi how do you add people on here? I need friends motivation and ideas.


  • Cluelessmama1979
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    edited April 2022
    If you're moderately active and nice, people tend to just add you, lol.

    But if you click on someone's name here, you can see their community profile.

    "View Profile"

    After tapping that, there's an button which says "MyFitnessPal Profile".

    There's 2 buttons near the top. One looks like an envelope or something, and the other looks like 3 little people. Tap the people to add a friend.

    Alternatively, if you're on android, you can tap the menu (3 lines) in the top left on the app, go to "friends", and enter someone's email or username there!
  • Samanthax89x
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    Thank you so much! I've had mfp for years and didn't even realise you could add fiends until the other day. 😅 Have a great day. X
  • sdcooper9
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    request sent!