What movie or show that you are watching right now?



  • CoffeeNstilettos
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  • ReenieHJ
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    Started it Saturday, might finish it today. :)
  • DWBalboa
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    Billy the kid on Paramount.
  • litha_
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    Tehran S1E2
  • Minion_training_program
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    Now that i have HBO i can finally finish it.
    But since i had no clue where i left off years ago, i started at season 8 (things are coming back)
    No problem re-watching these episodes, now already at season 9, but i think i saw up to 11
  • ReenieHJ
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  • slimgirljo15
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  • SeaShellHunter
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    Portlandia ~ Danzig ~ Billabong

  • glassyo
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    The new Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, was announced and, as usual, I've never seen him in anything. People were really excited to see it was this guy on one of the threads I was reading and mentioned Sex Education so......

    Two episodes in. I love the show. I love the humor. I love him on it. And I love that it didn't take long for me to get excited, too. :)
  • changeconsumeme
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    -Better Call Saul
    -Finishing the final season of Ozark
    -Re-starting Barry so I can dig into the newest season
    -Just finished season 3 of You (holy *kitten*!)
  • ReenieHJ
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    Due Date :)
  • ReenieHJ
    ReenieHJ Posts: 9,724 Member
    And Countdown
  • honey_honey_12
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    Perry Mason
  • ReenieHJ
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    I watched John Q a couple days ago. Good movie.

    In the middle of Our Father now.
  • honey_honey_12
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    Dog Fight on the Military History channel
  • honey_honey_12
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    Just starting episode 2 of
    ‘Under The Banner Of Heaven’.
  • chickenperson483
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    I watched the second episode of the new Kenobi show, also, Gilmore girls, touched by an angel, The Simpson’s, and MASH
  • CoffeeNstilettos
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    I watched The Bob's burgers movie yesterday.
  • cwolfman13
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    The 100


    I started watching this show as something to pass the time when my wife and I aren't watching together as she isn't really into science fiction stuff. I thought it would just be a little cheeky sci fi show for some benign, mindless entertainment when nothing was going on, but I have been totally sucked in.

    It runs seven seasons and I initially wondered how that could be possible without starting to be redundant and just keeping it going for the sake of keeping it going. I wondered how it would be possible to have a seven season series based on the premise of 100 people living in space 100 years after the nuclear annihilation of earth being sent back down to earth to see if it was inhabitable. I figured the story could probably be told in 2-3 seasons tops without going off the rails.

    They've actually done very well here. I'm starting season 4 now and so far each season has been almost like a completely different movie with various twists and turns. Also, no one particular character is boxed in as a "hero" or "villain"...they can be one or the other or a combination of both depending on the situation and survival. To the latter, no character is immune to being killed off no matter how high profile they appear to be for the series...anyone can die, not just the side characters.