“Sell by” date

allother94 Posts: 588 Member
How many days after the “sell by” date are you willing to eat chicken breast? Hamburger meat? Assuming it doesn’t smell bad and appears to be fine…


  • littlegreenparrot1
    littlegreenparrot1 Posts: 696 Member
    I will merrily disregard dates on most things, but am more cautious with meat.

    No hard and fast rule, but generally work on the principle that if I am thinking that hard about whether or not I should eat it, I probably shouldn't. If it was obviously fine I wouldn't be thinking that in the first place...
  • papercut2k
    papercut2k Posts: 83 Member
    Depends where I got it. From Whole Foods no more than 3 days if no obvious odor, slime, or discoloration. From a discount supermarket, maybe 1 day but usually none.

    Heh, I cooked up some chicken tenders that were about 5 days expired. In my defense, I froze it when I got it and cooked it later.
  • Bunniato
    Bunniato Posts: 17 Member
    Maybe a week
  • LaBellaHarris
    LaBellaHarris Posts: 63 Member
    Two or three days. I don't have much of a sense of smell, so I can't trust a Sniff Test to tell me if it's still good.
  • yirara
    yirara Posts: 9,639 Member
    Raw meat smells gross for me anyway, thus I don't trust the smell test. One day max. But everything I don't use immediately goes into the freezer anyway.
  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 28,034 Member
    Raw meat that I'm not planning to use in the next two days goes into the freezer.

    I use this site for other food items:

  • scarlett_k
    scarlett_k Posts: 812 Member
    Smells fine, looks fine, tastes fine, been stored correctly, then it's fine. Only thing I'm more particular about is fish and cooked rice. Served me well for 36 years so far! Only ever had salmonella once from someone else's bad food hygiene.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,865 Member
    Use or freeze by the sell by date is what I do. Most meat I buy goes directly into the freezer anyway if I'm not planning to use it for a meal that day or the next. I don't eat chicken breasts ever though...
  • claireychn074
    claireychn074 Posts: 1,453 Member
    I’m actually squeamish about chicken as I had a bad dose of campylobacter - nothing to do with meat having expired but more to do with prepping and cooking - but I’ve been fastidious about disinfecting EVERYTHING since I’ve prepped chicken!
  • gpanda103
    gpanda103 Posts: 189 Member
    If it smells good and looks good.. I’m eating it. Chicken at this point costs as much as an hour at my job. It’s going to get used lol