making and saving recipes

NannyPauline Posts: 1 Member
Hello everyone , I am just starting again to try to lose weight and its a long time since I have used this site . I cannot remember how I make and save a recipe of my own . Help please


  • curtis9120
    curtis9120 Posts: 4 Member
    Sorry I have no idea but we are starting again after putting 3 stones back on over last 9 years (Due to eating rubbish🤣) Good luck!
  • lynn_glenmont
    lynn_glenmont Posts: 9,425 Member
    You say "site," so these directions are for the website, not the app.

    Go to the Food tab. Click on the Recipes tab. From there you can choose one of the two green buttons ("import" and provide the URL where the recipe you want to use is, or "Enter new recipe" just under where it says "use old recipe" calculator). I prefer the old recipe calculator, as i find the importer frequently chooses absurdly wrong food entries to match the recipe ingredients.