Gained weight

So I’ve done 6 days now and I gained 3 lbs.. not feeling very confident this is gonna work for me. Sadness


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    Are you weighing in at the same time and under the same conditions? How often are you weighing in? Did you also just start new exercise? 6 days is jack and doesn't tell you anything. 3 Lbs is also well within the realm of completely normal weight fluctuations. Losing weight isn't this linear thing were you just constantly drop's up and down and all around and it takes a lot longer than 6 days to perform any kind of meaningful analysis or see a trend. At this point you're just dealing with completely unreasonable expectations.

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    Gaining some weight while you make changes in food and exercise habits are normal for some people. It doesn't mean it's not working. Most of that gain is probably water weight and you will shed it.
    Give yourself and your body some real time to adjust. Stick to the plan you have created for yourself and just keep going.

    I weigh myself everyday and it fluctuates, some days I gain some even though I know I didn't stray from my plans and I know it's normal for ups and downs.
    If this is discouraging for you, maybe just check your weight once a week on the same day every week.

    I started seeing real progress in the middle of week two. Give yourself a break, you are just starting to figure this out.
    Best of luck on your journey 🌼
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    I am a weekly weigh in. I can’t handle the daily observation. Please note, most of the time, my scale is 2-4 weeks behind in progress than I feel! Frustrating…
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    If your working out it’s pretty normal at first. If your just doing a calorie count hmmmmm can’t comment till I’ve been here a while. I do think weighing first thing in the morning, same clothing, after evacuation, helps keep things close to accurate.
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    what have you done for 6 days and whats not going to work?
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    Weight loss is not linear! Seeing the scale move up sucks, but just keep at it! Buy a food scale, make sure you are weighing everything, and not "guestimating," factor in things like your period, sodium intake...those are things that could be making the scale play tricks on you.
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    Weight will fluctuate. My mantra… “Trust the process”. If you are tracking the weight weekly, only jot it down for the future new and improved self to look back on. Try not to let that number rule your goals or you mental state. Instead focus on how you feel daily, how your clothes are fitting, your energy levels, etc. Possibly tweak your nutrition to see if you’ll start seeing a change. Truly, If you’re keeping honest with yourself and your goals Keep doing what you are doing because it is working as it should.
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    Did you begin your new lifestyle by exercising like a fool? I did. Some of them did. I bet you did.


    Realllllly sore?

    Your body retains water to direct to sore muscles for healing. Ever cut your finger and it oozes? Fluid rushing to the wound. Same principle only on the inside. You can gain many many pounds of water weight til the muscle soreness diminishes.

    This gives the illusion of weight gain, when really it’s just your body adjusting to something new.

    Eventually it will flush out.

    Other things that affect weight are salty foods, cabin pressure, long vehicle trips, stress, unusually carby foods, in other words, anything unusual. Dieting is unusual to your body at first. Cut it some slack and let it adjust before you judge yourself.
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    also one thing that causes scale fluctation that I rarely see is:

    Being a morning weigh in person, eating within your calories but later in the day. Then that food/more of that food is still IN YOU when you weigh in the next morning.

    That doesn't mean eating late at night made you fat, but it DOES add to scale weight.

    Also honestly some vegetables weigh a lot. Eat a pound of broccli and go weigh yourself you're gonna have a pound of broccoli in you, you know?
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    Did you eat over 10,500 calories over your burned calories? No? Then you did not gain 3 pounds of fat! Your body fluctuates a couple of pounds everyday. You can do this, but it will not be in one week!
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    Don't let get to you. It could be bloat or many other factors. Give it a month, let your body adjust. Also I wouldn't go by weight to much. Go by belt sizes. If you go down a notch after a month, that's great progress. Hang in there!
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    Sadly, another new user who didn’t stick around long enough or invest minimal time to learn anything. This breaks my heart.

    You guys are the best, especially those of you who are fairly new and who posted great advice. You are clearly learning and using the tools gifted to you. You’ll be the successful ones!!!!

    I wish they all could but……”I didn’t get results in six days……”. We have such ridiculous expectations.