Garmin solar watches & sunburn

NorthCascades Posts: 10,903 Member
I got a Fenix 7 Solar on Monday. I've been playing with it and figuring it out.

There's a widget that shows me the solar input to the battery today. It has a graph, and a grand total, in lux hours. Image below.

I can't shake the idea that next time I get a sunburn, this should tell me my limit. Whatever number the watch says, I feel like I can avoid future burns by staying under. I never realize until it's too late, and as long as I don't actually get a burn the sun feels wonderful. Keep in mind I live in Seattle, so I'm in a constant state of deprivation!

But when something seems this simple, it usually means I'm missing something. Any thoughts?



  • NorthCascades
    NorthCascades Posts: 10,903 Member
    Can the solar panels collect all the energy that lands on them? I guess the Garmin can only tell me what the sensors collect, it can't measure what it can't see, like a measuring cup that overflows. If not, the amount of sun I'm getting could be more than it says...
  • sarabushby
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    I’m not sure if the uvA and B strength of the sun would be also correlated to the strength of the light for charging? You’d need to check.
    Also likely you’ll burn easier in the same sun exposure early in the season compared to late summer.
    Not a bad idea though, there’s got to be some correlation at least :)
  • yirara
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    Apart from above: You'd need to be able to define your own threshold somehow, and make sure the sun hits the watch the same way. Say you cycle with a flat bar: Your watch might get more sun exposure (unless it's behind you) than with a race bike. I was thinking about the same as I at times just need 15 minutes to get sunburned if I don't take care. but I've not found a way to make use of this somehow.