Weightloss timeline

Wondering how long it took for people trying to loose weight to see the weight come off. I'm on a journey to loose 50lbs ive been keeping up a 8 day streak of being active and decipline and the scale hasn't moved at all. i know it will take some time but wondering how long if took for others.


  • cmriverside
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    It took me nine months to lose 50 pounds.

    Are you logging all your food? Staying within your calories?
  • 88AViva
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    8 days ʘ‿ʘ
    You can't tell from 8 days, changes take time. Your body is adapting to new changes. Be patient and consistent anyway. Check if you are tracking your calories correctly and make sure you have a plan for your meals and your daily workouts.
    Maybe you will see real results next week or at the end of the month, that will push you to keep going 🌼 Good luck
  • corinasue1143
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    Most people have a big drop the first week, then loss slows down. I was like you, I didn’t lose any weight the first few weeks. But when I did start losing, it was consistent and easy. I wish you as good luck as I had.
    Stick with it and see how your body reacts. Let us know how it goes.
  • cwolfman13
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    Some people lose a good chunk of weight in the first couple of weeks, but that is generally associated with a low carb diet or a significant cut in carbohydrates and drop in water weight, not fat. Fat loss is slow. 1 Lb per week of fat loss can easily be masked on the scale by normal bodyweight fluctuations. It's going to take longer than a week to perform any kind of meaningful trend analysis...you don't have enough data points. This can also take longer with women due to hormonal fluctuations...when my wife cuts weight it usually takes her 4-6 weeks and a menstrual cycle to really start seeing an overall trend.

    It took me about 8-9 months to lose 40 Lbs.
  • wunderkindking
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    It took me a year to lose the first 50lbs, and another year to lose the next 30.

    It's not a thing you do fast and are done with. My life/eating now aren't much different than they were when I was losing. Settle in and take the time to get used to this new lifestyle and get habits really ingrained.
  • AnnPT77
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    Something just above 50 pounds in a bit under a year, for me, some of that at a rate that was accidentally too fast for my own good.

    Eight days is a great start, but way too short a time period to necessarily see fat loss results. (Water weight shifts and digestive tract contents - on its way to the toilet - are much bigger swings in the short run, up to 4-6 weeks.)

    Along the way, those water/waste fluctuations will make the scale a lying liar that lies, forever: It will go up, down, stick at various weights for a surprisingly long time . . . for reasons that mostly aren't about fat gain/loss. Expect that.

    If you're feeling stressed or frustrated after 8 days, or like you're white-knuckling it on the willpower/motivation front - not sure if you are - then I'd suggest a bit of a rethink.

    Losing any meaningful total amount of weight is realistically going to take a long time, at least if a person wants to stay strong, healthy, energetic, and able to keep up with a happy normal life alongside. It'll take many weeks, months, maybe multiple years . . . then maintaining that healthy weight is a forever endeavor.

    All of the above puts a premium on finding and using strategies that are relatively easy, rather than necessarily blindingly fast. Aggressive changes can backfire. Perfect habits aren't essential: Better habits are.

    Best wishes!