Contrave 2022

I do not post in discussions much. Honestly it had been years since I have looked at anything other than my food diary in the app for quite some time and even there I mainly post breakfast then give up. I see a few older posts for Contrave, but was hoping to connect with those currently taking it. I feel quite deflated by my fitness journey having lost 50lbs years ago and then gaining 60 back. Currently at my heaviest ever and lost all hope. Needing to loss 100lbs and feeling overwhelmed. Turned 50 recently which brings with it a whole new set of worries. Took my mom to the diabetic education centre for her stuff and there was where I first heard about Contrave. I am not diabetic, yet, no other health issues other than my weight but I know carrying all of this will eventually catch up with me. Was in an airplane over the weekend....almost had to get a seatbelt extender, was def at the max stretch on the belt. Tired of being the fattest girl in the room. Tired of constantly obsessing about food. Started on Contrave yesturday. I am not usually one to reach out on here, but thought I would give it a try to see if there are others like me on here. Thank you.


  • ejberliner
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    I pick up my prescription tomorrow and would love to have a buddy on this journey. Any updates from your end?
  • paperpudding
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    Honestly it had been years since I have looked at anything other than my food diary in the app for quite some time and even there I mainly post breakfast then give up.

    I dont know anything about Contrave - but this would seem to be your problem.

    Unless you committ to logging consistently and reasonably accurately, it is unlikely MFP (or any calorie counting method) will work for you.
  • Xellercin
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    I've only been on ultra low dose naltrexone, so I have no idea what the full dose is like, but holy cr@p balls, the dreams were intense. Brace yourself for the dreams. Some people don't get them, some people get good ones, mine were not pleasant.

    I was on the drug for pain, and it did nothing for me so I quit. Other than the dreams, I had very low side effects, but did lose a lot of appetite and that was on an extremely low dose, so it can be quite a powerful effect for some people.

    I was on Wellbutrin for a few years, never had any side effects, but it also never affected my appetite either. I have never been an over eater though, so perhaps that's why I didn't experience any impact on my appetite?

    To clarify, naltrexone didn't lower my actual appetite, it just made food not as interesting as it normally is. So I would need just as much food, but the idea of stuffing my face with gooey pizza lost a lot of appeal.
  • Straitlover1965
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    I took it in 2018 for a few months (53 YO). Went from 274 to 257, it stopped working, so I stopped. I oculd not take the whole dose becasue I have reactions to the buproprion; was able to take 3 of the 4 daily pills w/ only small side effects. 2 pills were no side effects, but no weight loss either.
  • mybentley7
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    It doesn't work for everyone. I tried Contrave for a month a few years ago. It had absolutely no effect. I am on ozempic for my diabetes now, and it does have a very mild appetite suppressing effect on me. I lost 15 lb in May, due a little bit to the medication, but mostly from counting every calorie. But it has helped me lower my a1c.
  • ashverdo
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    Contrave did nothing for me but increase migraines. I track everything I eat and had no noticeable decrease in appetite. I did go on Victoza (where im from Ozempic isn’t approved fr weight loss yet) and it did kill my appetite for around 8 weeks and then it just stopped working lol.

    The medications don’t cause weight loss but a reduction in appetite thus allowing you to stick to a deficit better.
  • maabt1
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    Today is my first day on Contrave and I need a buddy. Anyone here just starting the Contrave journey?