Who is cutting? :)

Getting back into show shape after bulk...never fun but a necessary evil lol. Anyone else there?


  • quiksylver296
    quiksylver296 Posts: 28,441 Member
    I need to, but I think I'm going to wait until after vacation next week.
  • invaderbree
    invaderbree Posts: 27 Member
    I’ll be starting here in a bit!
  • pandoragreen21
    pandoragreen21 Posts: 5 Member
    I just started! I am going back to carb-cycling, as this is tried and true for me. I meant to start in Jan...but my lifts were getting juicy. 😎
  • gninja2022
    gninja2022 Posts: 8 Member
    Yes! Started Monday, Sunday I stacked up food wise so Monday was easy, Tuesday was a challenge, today getting in the swing of it... trying a new approach though as normally i heavily cut the calarories, which for me personally is hell. This time taking a longer time to do it, so will push more than 12 weeks with a fuller diet, only drop 300 cal a day from my required level, but hopefully will feel more comfortable! Zero alcohol for 12 weeks will be the hardest part 🤣
  • Boomshakalaka01
    Boomshakalaka01 Posts: 65 Member
    I've started! Cut a lot of bad stuff out of my consumption (reconditioning to a healthier food regimen really is a lifestyle change, as cliche' as it sounds.) Since May 25th I've lost 12 lbs because of healthier foods/calorie counting. I'm also doing low impact workouts and have just last week incorporated weights. Stretching/yoga/pilates has definitely helped with getting my flexibility back. Getting my heartrate up for an extended amount of time, daily, is a new goal. With the weather getting warmer here in WA state, I imagine doing any outdoor activity will either happen early in the morning or later in the evening. Best to all and your health journeys!
  • metaphysicalstudio
    metaphysicalstudio Posts: 285 Member
    I just finished my first week of a cut. It went pretty well.