15 pounds to lose challenge May 1-August 1, 2022



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    You must share photos of the pup who is taking you for walks!
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    To all the father's and step-fathers. Also all those playing important roles including grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers and brothers-in-law, adult sons, neighbors, friends, and single-mothers who have to be both mom & dad.

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    Mary 65 now, from Pennsylvania.
    Heaviest weight 255 lbs, twice. :-(
    UGW-122 lbs. I was there in 2009/10 and kept it off for 5 years then got lazy.

    My goal is to continue with what seems to work for me. 1000-1200 calories, low carb 15 Net +/- 3(My body seems to not do well with carbs. It doesn't know how to burn them and hangs onto them way too much!), minimum 70 + oz of water, 2 meals/day on my days off(3) and 3 meals on my work days(which are long), exercise on my 3 days off. My weigh in day is Sunday.

    9/14/20 SW-255 lbs
    5/3/21-240.5 lbs Emergency Gallbladder surgery
    5/14/21-232.2 lbs started MFP and Low Carb/1000-1200 calorie while recovering
    6/1/21-228.8 lbs
    7/1/21-222.2 lbs
    8/1/21-212.0 lbs
    9/1/21-200.0 lbs
    10/1/21-191.4 lbs
    11/1/21-181.8 lbs
    12/1/21-176.2 lbs
    12/26/21-165.6 lbs
    1/1/22-168 lbs
    2/1/22-157.4 lbs
    3/1/22- 155 lbs
    4/1/22- 156.4 lbs :-(
    5/1/22- 158.8 lbs. :-( No way is this actual with all the Elliptical miles Friday, yesterday and stayed way under calories for what I was allotted. Hoping for a whoosh soon. Did Elliptical 300 minutes for 22.3 miles in first session and 54 minutes for 4.2 miles for 26.5 miles total today. Hopefully that gets me heading downward again. (Did long times on Friday 228 minutes and Saturday 240 minutes too.)
    5/8/22- 148 lbs :-) So glad for the whoosh of water weight to be gone!!!
    5/15/22- 159.6 lbs. Well a short lived whoosh! I know its mainly water weight. Had more carbs than my usual the last 2 dinners. Glad I didn't hit the 160's! Elliptical today 130 minutes for 10 miles.
    5/22/22- 156.2 lbs Didn't do my usual AM elliptical as it was to thunderstorm @ 2, so I cut the grass, 2.5 hours but on a rider. Later this afternoon, did 3 hours on the elliptical for 13.2 miles. I start work @ 10 tomorrow, so I may do a hour or 2 before work, depending on how I feel in the AM and het myself to bed @ a decent time tonight.
    Hadn't been on it since last Sunday d/t Drs appointment Tuesday and errands and the "Thunder over Dover" Air Show yesterday with the Blue Angels & the Thunderbirds performing together for the first time ever, supposedly. They are so cool to see, if you never have gotten too. I've seen them a few times but well worth a drive. Mine was 3 hours each way. Met a friend and her family there at the base, as they were at their beach house, close by.
    5/29/22- 155.6 lbs I was 153.6 lbs last few days, but had a piece of my granddaughter's second birthday cake yesterday, that was homemade by her other grandma. :-(
    I didn't start out thinking I would do this. But when I got to about 15 miles on my Elliptical, I realized since I have to babysit @ 5:30-9 tonight, I wouldn't get a second session in today. And decided to try for something. I wish I knew how up upload photos to the site, to show you. I DID 337 MINUTES ON THE ELLIPTICAL FOR 26.25 MILES. AND I FEEL FINE. GREAT ACTUALLY! As far as any plan this is most likely a one time thing. Just wanted to see if I could do it.
    6/5/22- 158 lbs Too many carbs last 2 days and sure it's water retention with them too. Why do carbs have to be so tasty and addictive? Did my Elliptical today, 167 minutes for 13.11 miles. My plan was to do another session later today but now my motivation is gone. Probably why I am better at long first sessions. I did add "girl" pushups, planks and just hanging from my son's pull up bar. To increase my strength. Not that I'm weak. (I'm a nurse and I pull even big guys up in beds for a living!) But I can always get stronger. Build up my muscle mass to burn more calories and fill out the flabby loose skin.

    Missed last week's post. Been busy. Still logging daily though.
    6/12/22-161 lbs :-(
    6/19/22-158.2 lbs :-) Did 241 minutes on my Elliptical today for 18 miles.