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I've been using this site on and off for years, but have never really committed. I plan to really commit this time, but would love the support of friends along the journey. It will be a long one as I plan to lose 150+ lbs but I'm ready to do this for myself and my health.


  • Kasymira
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    Hiya! I'm also in a similar boat. I lost some weight with the help of this app and thought I could lose the rest by myself. I gained back quite a bit but haven't lost hope! Hit me up with a friend request, I would also love some company throught this journey. :)
  • BoosDimples
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    Hello . The diary is very useful and the food database is pretty good!

    I wish you the very best in your health, life and happiness!💐
  • SpunkiMama
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    Hello!! I am in the same position as you, returning with the hopes of remaining committed. I have quite a bit to lose, I do not know how much I have to lose, at the moment because I am so disgusted with myself I wont get on the scale. I don't need that negativity haha figure I will step on it, when I am less bloated (meaning...drink more water) and maybe if I start to feel better about myself, I will look at the terrible number.

    We can do this. We just have to be disciplined, and willing to make the changes necessary!!

  • Lainie0223
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    Hi Tomatosoupbox!
    I wrote this some time ago, and it got lost until just now. I am, again, on the path toward better health, still with 90 - 100 to lose, finding focus yet again. I've managed to lose some weight last year, and have been in a holding pattern since last October. How I managed to not regain this time is a mystery LOL!

    So... back to heeding my own voice, and wishing you continued success in this life long journey as well.

    From a year or so ago -

    The thing that works, consistently, is measuring out your food portions, keeping track of what you eat, and getting whatever kind of physical activity in. As a person needing to drop 100+ lbs, myself, and a gramma, I know the limitations of joint pain and activity tolerance. I've been swimming more, and find that I am getting a total body workout, and I don't care a bit what other's think of me and how I look in my swim suit. It's more important to be your healthiest, and the rest of the "fat-shaming", judgemental world can go take a hike.