Looking for friends

leah_00 Posts: 10 Member
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Starting my new weight loss journey.
Needing some encouragement and friends to follow along with me! Send me a friend request :) Let’s do this together!!


  • KLCruz88
    KLCruz88 Posts: 90 Member
    I'm not new to the weight loss but I'm picking back up where I left off! I just cleaned up my friends list and in need of accountability buddies!
  • clempy
    clempy Posts: 1 Member
    Me too! Just rejoined. Needing accountability buddy with healthy habits 😀
  • bvbblegvms
    bvbblegvms Posts: 50 Member
    I'm starting back up again after a year and a half! Hoping I stay motivated and hold myself accountable so I can achieve my goals this time around so definitely in need of some accountability buddies!
  • z6jv4rrmdy
    z6jv4rrmdy Posts: 18 Member
    Haven’t been on in awhile and looking for friends to help support my weight loss journey ☺️
  • vegannicole1818
    vegannicole1818 Posts: 7 Member
    Everyone can add me too! I’ve been on the app for years but just recently got a new account and lost all my friends!
  • AlK1971
    AlK1971 Posts: 11 Member
    Used this years ago with good results so back to try again 😀
  • OnTheRoad24
    OnTheRoad24 Posts: 217 Member

    I've been on and off MFP for years and usually have had good results, only to put the weight back on. This time, I've been back on MFP for a couple months and I feel like I'm in a better place mentally so I'm pretty stoked. I could use accountability friends that are active and supportive... feel free to add me!

  • MelodiousMermaid
    MelodiousMermaid Posts: 380 Member
    I have been around MFP for years, but am finally taking the viewpoint of doing something that's sustainable and will reach past goal point (maintenance/recomp). I am also looking for people to be friends with for accountability/support.
  • Phverica1
    Phverica1 Posts: 9 Member
    Me too! So hard to figure out how to post and make friend requests on here. I definitely am looking for accountability buddies and support.
  • tms146680557899
    tms146680557899 Posts: 4 Member
    Just starting myself. I saw a quote the other day. It said,”if you stumble make it part of the dance”. We all make mistakes and poor choices. This is how we learn. Biggest thing is that we don’t quit.