My vacation victory

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Last week, I spent a about 24 hours in Savannah, and then met my family at the beach. I have always gained weight on vacation. Always. And this year was no different. We eat out lunch and dinner and there is always a ton of junk food laying around.

But this year, I was different. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I let myself leave food on the plate. I didn’t have to eat everything I paid for. A few times, I boxed up half of my food before I even started eating so that I wouldn’t eat it all. I also ordered from the appetizer menu some instead of a full entree, or I would split something. I had my fair share of frozen drinks, but I also had a TON of water.

Came home Friday and my AC is out and it won’t be cheap to fix/replace. Instead of eating all the food in my house, I sat down and read a book.

I was happily surprised when I weighed in this morning to see that I was only up .5 lbs! That’s it, half a pound. Making better choices really is paying off!


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  • Hollis300
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    Fantastic! I like the idea of boxing up half the food so you don't eat it all. Also, the .5 might be water weight since restaurant food is usually high in sodium.
  • allaboutthecake
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    That's a win!
  • LiveOnceBeHappy
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    Awesome! New habits.
  • GinLee61
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    Congrats! That IS a victory.
  • GSPsnBees
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    Total win! Way to go!
  • Life_On_The_Lake
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    Heck ya! I think we all struggle with those times away from our kitchen where we have a routine and better control.

    There are lesser evil choices out there and thank you for sharing the boxing up a portion of your entree (that will be clutch for me) I find when food options are limited even the best choice on the menu can not be what is a routine meal I.E. chicken club - What I did was take out the middle piece of bread and felt good about that :)
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    Wonderful, and thanks for sharing here. :) This proves that small daily choices add up to big wins.
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    you're inspiring. I'm going on a long vacation (SO EXCITED) and I've been worrying about it.