15 pounds to lose challenge May 1-August 1, 2022



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    This is the link to our next challenge starting August 1st. Please join us! The more the merrier!
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    My name is Donna and I am 62 years old. I live in the Midwest of the USA. 5' 5" tall. My starting weight was 253. I have relapsed in the past year and need to get back on track. I am type 2 diabetic and in remission for breast cancer. Health is my #1 priority.

    July 25…..203.2…..(Trend Weight: 200.2)….. Over 3 ½ pound gain overnight? Yikes! Tons of sodium yesterday in all 3 meals/travel. I took a magnesium supplement last night because of the bloat, so this weight is after a TMI (finally). I honestly don’t know what is going on with anything since covid. The glucose is wonky, the weight has been wonky and my blood pressure is wonky. They’ve even taken me off all my BP meds because it’s running dangerously low since Covid. Who knows what other things would show in bloodwork? Long Covid is real folks and I may be experiencing it according to the doctor. Ugh! So last week was a 5.2 pound gain, and now this week is a 2.4 pound gain. That is 7.6 pound gained in the last two weeks! And I have been dieting pretty consistently and certainly increasing exercise! I Travel again this week tomorrow and Thursday so I may post extra early or extra late. Tomorrow is the CTA test on the heart at the hospital. This will look for blockages in the heart and is in leiu of a heart cath which is more invasive. Thurs I see cardiologist for the results of all this testing this past month, and the plan. I am enjoying all of your posts and love to see the successes!

    July 31…..201.6…..(Trend Weight: 201.4)….. Down 1.2 for the month and grateful for that. I have been diagnosed with triple blockages in my heart and will be having emergency stenting tomorrow (Monday). If all goes well, I will just be gone overnight. I’ll be spending the day setting up my first of the month bills, cleaning up the house a bit and packing. I hate things hanging over my head so I’m glad this is happening quickly. I will try to keep up with the posts and will keep you updated as I can.

    July Goal: 197.8
    July Actual: 201.4
    Cumulative Weight Loss so Far: 1.6 Lost

    Yikes! Best of luck to you tomorrow!

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    @deepwoodslady Will send you positive thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery. <3