Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • dweight2015
    dweight2015 Posts: 3 Member
    I would love for friends to add me for motivation
  • myturn00
    myturn00 Posts: 2 Member
    I’d love to have some active friends. Quite a few of my friends are inactive. I’m not good at adding, so please feel free to add me so we can support each other in our journeys!!
  • KingBenneth
    KingBenneth Posts: 19 Member
    Happy to add anyone! Daily user, lots of motivation to go around! Let's get it!
  • Seven_Costanza
    Seven_Costanza Posts: 3 Member
    Hey guys just starting out. Would love some company along the way so feel free to add me.
  • Hello everyone! I'm new here and just started this healthy journey. Happy to meet new people to share tips.
  • ALilCountryMouse
    ALilCountryMouse Posts: 4 Member
    Hi Friends,
    Just joined almost a month ago. My Dr. told me that I need to lose some weight and move more. I am losing weight very slowly and am building better habits along the way. I would love to have friends to talk, share accountability that are in the same boat as me. Here I am!
  • Tensilver1124
    Tensilver1124 Posts: 6 Member
    Wouldn’t mind some friends for motivation and tips on people who been on the journey for a few months.
  • BrettNS
    BrettNS Posts: 41 Member
    Starting over again. Trying to get back into the healthy lifestyle. Diary is also open. Feel free to add.
  • BrickFox
    BrickFox Posts: 61 Member
    Been at it since June, and I'm in a good head space. Feel free to add me!
  • Namaste_lady
    Namaste_lady Posts: 4 Member
    I would like to share support on our journeys if you would send me a friends link I will accept.
  • annobrien590
    annobrien590 Posts: 2 Member
    Please add me need all the help I can get I'm 51 going through menopause I'm Irish living in Ireland disry will be open
  • Escoa008
    Escoa008 Posts: 8 Member
    Back on here after falling off and would love new friends for motivation :)

  • DWBalboa
    DWBalboa Posts: 36,853 Member
    I am currently accepting applications for friend request. You must submit your 8000 word essay on how awesome and amazing you think I am and why you want to be my friend. Don't miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.
    Or just send an FR and I'll accept, or not. :wink:
  • J4k3_Ry4n
    J4k3_Ry4n Posts: 1 Member
    Friends please :)
  • invaderbree
    invaderbree Posts: 27 Member
    Add me!
  • analiab203
    analiab203 Posts: 1 Member
    Hey everyone, would love new friends 😀
  • HeresDan
    HeresDan Posts: 7 Member
    Add me :)
  • stang_girl88
    stang_girl88 Posts: 234 Member
    Hey! Not new, but trying again. New friends and a new start sound great! Just one thing. You need to add me because I can’t seem to figure out how to add friends anymore lol. Man that makes me feel old and I’m not even 50 yet lol
  • ozgurvh
    ozgurvh Posts: 181 Member
    more the merrier, feel free to add B)
  • dblirondog
    dblirondog Posts: 112 Member
    I'd more active friends.