Cheat meals

hey guys male 175 cm 99.6 kg. I love junk food and am having it in portion sometimes . I would like to know if I could have a cheat meal a week or would that ruin progress


  • Retroguy2000
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    It's all about your total calories. I prefer to think of it as banking calories to spend in the days before and after I've slipped or plan to slip, so it averages out. Given how calorie intense junk food can be, moderation is key since it could take a lot of dieting days and working out to make up for it.

    I'm not a fan of the term cheat meal. Cheating implies you are tricking another party to get ahead. Neither of those is true.
  • AnnPT77
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    In theory, you can eat all and only junk food, and lose weight . . . as long as you stick within a reasonable calorie total. The problem is that most people don't find the "all junk food diet" particularly filling, so it's too hard to stick with that calorie goal.

    What matters for weight loss is your average daily calorie intake over reasonably short time periods (few days to a week). If the intake is below the number of calories you burn (breathing, heart beat, hair growth, etc. + daily life job and home activity + exercise), on average over the same time period, you'll lose weight.

    Good overall nutrition is a healthful thing, but doesn't affect weight loss directly. Only calories affect weight loss directly. Sub par nutrition can have an indirect effect on weight loss, either by making you fatigued (so you move less) or by causing appetite spikes (so you can't stick to a sensible calorie goal).

    If you prefer to structure your week with cheat meals, log them so you know where you stand on calories. Pay attention to how they affect your energy level, appetite afterward, overall sense of well-being, etc. Then you'll know whether it's a good strategy for you, or not.
  • sollyn23l2
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    One of the main problems with cheat meals is that many people are unable to just have a cheat *meal*. One meal turns into 2, which turns into a cheat week, which turns into a cheat month, which turns into a cheat year. Which is how most people who are overweight gain weight.
  • LemonMarmalade
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    I generally eat low carb. Meat and salad. That’s just my preference. However, if my child chooses nachos for birthday dinner, I’m eating nachos and cake!!! I figure a few special days out of the year where I overshoot my carb and calorie limit won’t hurt. Not something I would do weekly or even monthly though.