No stove or oven - need meal suggestions!

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Hi everyone! I'm looking for recommendations for meals and snacks. My kitchen is currently under construction and I will not have access to a stove or oven for at least a few weeks. This eliminates some of my usual meals so I will need some no-cook suggestions to keep up my health goals until this project is done.

Appliances I do have:
- fridge/freezer
- microwave
- toaster
- crockpot
*Please don't recommend buying anything new, I'm on an extremely tight budget*

About me/goals/etc.
Female approx 30 years old, 5'5" 170 lbs
Daily calorie budget 1500, macros 50/30/20 carbs/fat/protein
Exercise 3-4 times per week


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    Check if a nearby library has any microwave cookbooks. It's a whole 'genre' of cooking. No need to buy anything new!
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    My go-to for a great many of the meals that I "cook" are frozen components. I keep bags of veggies, meat, and rice/pasta in the freezer and have a variety of dressings/spices/sauces. Just put a scoop of everything in a bowl, add the "flavor" of your choice and zap it. It provides at least a modicum of variety while not having to expend much effort. They also have crockpot packs in the freezer section that you can just dump in the slow cooker and go. If you like more hands-on kinds of cooking, the Skinnytaste website has tons of crockpot recipes that are great. One of my favorites there was the Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili. It's on my list once the weather changes!
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    Crockpot - make a large pot of chili or taco soup or other soup, portion into single meals and store in fridge/freezer.
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    I'll address breakfast. You can scramble eggs in the microwave; just stir them up well so they don't explode, and cover them. Cook for about one minutes per egg. You can add water or cream or cheese as you would scrambled eggs on the stove. Don't overcook and the texture will be fine. You can always add more time if the eggs are still runny. Also, standing time is an important microwave concept. Something that seems underdone will have residual heat and may continue to cook, so allow thirty seconds or so for that.

    Oatmeal works in the microwave. Just use a REALLY big bowl. A serving is 40 grams, and I add 4-6 ounces of liquid and microwave at 60% power for three and a half minutes. Then add flavor.

    Cook bacon in the microwave for about 1 minute per slice. If you don't have a microwave bacon rack you can wrap the slices in paper towels and just use a regular plate. It gets crispy when I get it right if the bacon is fresh. But I prefer chewy bacon.

    Yogurt/fruit/granola parfaits are a wonderful summer breakfast. I like to add a drizzle of honey when using unsweetened yogurt.

    I am very fond of a peanut butter and X sandwich on toast for breakfast. Or avocado toast.

    Most days for breakfast I have a sandwich with a warm component and whatever fruit is on sale.

    The only thing I can't think of a way for you to cook is boiled eggs. Now, you can buy pre-boiled eggs but don't try to microwave them whole. You can cut them in two and cover them to warm them up but I would just boil some water and pour over them.

    Non-breakfast tips: microwave ground beef for two minutes, drain, break it up, then two more minutes and so on until you can't get any more grease out. You can use a small plastic colander in a larger dish to make it easy to drain (but it's a chore to clean the colander if you don't have a dishwasher.

    Frozen vegetable blends: six ounces will microwave in three minutes. No water needed. Season to taste. I often just use pepper, as I watch sodium.

    A small potato (white or sweet) will microwave in three minutes or so. Do be sure to pierce the skin multiple times to avoid explosions. You can also microwave corn on the cob in its husk for three or four minutes per ear. After cooking it's a breeze to clean but let it cool or use a cloth to hold it. No dishes required for the microwaving. You can even start from frozen (at least 4 minutes for that).

    Slow cooked meals are super easy and efficient, as others have said. I like to cook a roast overnight and let it cool in the refrigerator during the day to make slicing so much easier. If you're shredding pork or chicken, go ahead and do it while it's hot. Frozen chicken + a small jar of salsa=easy, easy, easy.
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    Crockpot meal. Chicken, or beef , pork black beans bbq sauce, onions. Spinach ,an corn. Or add any vegetables you like. I usually do this with cauliflower rice. Into a spinach tortilla burrito.
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    I would use the crockpot every day in your situation. You can make everything from baked potatoes to pasta dishes to oatmeal. Just look up some crockpot recipes.
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    What period of time are we talking about? If it's just for 2-3 weeks I would probably buy microwave meals, make sandwiches, ramen (wait, you don't have a kettle? How do you get boiling water?), tinned soups and stews with bread, etc.
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    If you can borrow an airfryer it'd be amazing
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    Google "dormitory cooking". You will surprised with what you can cook in a filter coffee maker (hot dogs, boiled eggs, pasta) as well as an iron (burgers, grilled cheese).
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    My favourite meal that requires microwave only is smoked fish (smoked mackerel, or herring--don't waste something expensive liked smoked salmon on this) warmed up for a couple of minutes in the microwave with a squeeze of lemon.

    Have that with microwave baked potato (prick with a fork to prevent explosions) which take 5-9 minutes in the microwave depending on power and size of potatoes, or warm up a tin of white beans with some ready made broth.

    For veg have tomato salad or tomato salsa.
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    There are tons of curries that you can do in The crockpot. Overnight oats are great too and require no cooking
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    Here's some crockpot ideas:
    Veggies are easily steamed in the microwave if you, wash chop and cover with cling film. Salads and sandwiches are also a good option:
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    Everyone basically covered it. For lunch I buy the sandwich thins and pouch tuna. One bowl and done.
    Avocado toast is easy in the morning - some multi-grain bread, avocado and tomato. Since you have a toaster it's super easy. Same goes for egg salad with light mayo.
    The crockpot will make everything easy. I usually do shredded chicken or pork and it keeps for days in the fridge.
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    yirara wrote: »
    What period of time are we talking about? If it's just for 2-3 weeks I would probably buy microwave meals, make sandwiches, ramen (wait, you don't have a kettle? How do you get boiling water?), tinned soups and stews with bread, etc.

    You can get boiling water using your microwave.

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    I just mentioned on another thread how convenient I find rotisserie chicken. The first recipe I posted is no cook. And of course, you can make sandwiches.
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    yirara wrote: »
    What period of time are we talking about? If it's just for 2-3 weeks I would probably buy microwave meals, make sandwiches, ramen (wait, you don't have a kettle? How do you get boiling water?), tinned soups and stews with bread, etc.

    I spent a few days with friends who had an electric water kettle and as soon as I got home bought one. I love it! It is much faster than micro and electric stove, and even my gas stove.

    I know the OP does not want to buy any new appliances, so am recommending for others. I would recommend it for the budget conscious as well, as I believe they are more efficient than the other methods.

    Mine was discontinued, otherwise I'd link it. I got it on Amazon.
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    I would made tuna sammies, you could toast the bread if you want a little crunch. Egg salad. Maybe make a batch of shredded chicken in the crockpot. You could use this in so many ways: bbq pulled sandwiches, atop salads, loaded baked (microwave in your case) potatoes, tacos/burritos /nachos.