Buddies needed πŸ’•

Hi people in my phone πŸ˜†

Well. I'm new and just finished my 2nd week on here and joined up as I had hit a brick wall (as always πŸ˜†) so this morning when I jumped on the scales I reached a 4lb loss and finally gained my 3 stone loss !!! Go me 😁

I would like to gain a few mfp buddies so we can help each other along the way, encourage each other, share highs and lows and give each other a boot up the rear when needed πŸ˜‰

I'm in the UK but distance doesn't bother me as long as we can help each other is key and a road shared will be a happier road instead of a drag πŸ˜€

Hear from you all soon - btw I'm still trying to figure out how to add people so bare with but probably easier to request me will be quicker πŸ˜‚



  • CarlaFKersh
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    Also looking for buddies for motivation! Fellow UKer too πŸ˜ƒ Just hit the wrong side of 40, dying motivation, struggling and need to lose 3 stone ideally.
  • kazfletcher60
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    Morning im in UK too need buddies to motivate me, very new to FP unsure how to even add friends :(
  • Dianedoessmiles1
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    COME and Join us on the 2022 Fall 5% Challenge. We have members from over including some from the UK. Actually that's why we are here!! Many of us belonged to Sparkpeople who could no longer keep all of our international members. We could NOT imagine being without them!! So we went a searchin and we FOUND MFP!! It took us a bit to figure how to run the 5% Challenges as we've always done, but we did figure it out!! We are now coming up on our FIRST YEAR of challenges with MFP!!

    If you'd like support, making friends, learning how to lose weight with healthy habits (We have it listed as LTGL - Living the GOOD Life) while also exercising at your CURRENT level, please no injuries. If you choose over time to increase your exercise that's fine but please do not get injured. We have 8 teams within the 5% Challenge. Each team is around 30 to 40 members. Some teams love to compete, some do not. WOOHOO something for everyone!!

    Some members do lose 5% of their weight in 8 weeks, others do not. But we all learn stuff along the way. I've lost,,, from 288 to 169 lbs a total of 119 LBS GONE that's 8.5 STONES GONE thanks to the 5% Challenge!!

    Here's how to check out this team,,, team of people who really do care:
    2022 Fall 5% Challenge Team - Plz Join Us
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    After Joining please READ:
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    The link:


    SO HAPPY to have you with us!!
  • 21Starship
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    Ha ha! I could use some fitness pal friends too but I'm not sure how to do it.
  • bcnieto
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    Me too! Send me a friend request for some accountability!