Fall 5% Challenge: One Last Time Before We Begin, cute poem posted with permission

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Fall 5% Challenge: One Last Time Before We Begin
Posted on 9/18/2022 by ladyluk1
The leaders have been selected

Our pages are almost set

The Manifests are almost ready

The crews are readying our jet.

Let's get out our bikes

And oil those chains

Let's stock up on salad

And healthy grains

Let's plan our meals

And prep them too

Remember to drink your water

Eight cups a day will do.

Time to pack your bags

And grab your passport too

We leave Oct 1st

And we are waiting for YOU!!

Written by: ladyluk1


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    I love this poem!! I highly recommend people join in on this challenge!! These are so wonderful to do and will make a positive impact on your weight loss journey!! :heart: