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Sibo bloat video by MFP dietician is damaging advice

wearefab Posts: 69 Member
There is a MFP video with dietician recommending someone with SIBO eat more fibre.
Knowing sibo very well, this is terrible advice for the majority of people. Sibo is not that easy to get rid of.
You can get sibo when you are eating adequate fibre and water.
Slow motility is both a cause and consequence of sibo-c. You cannot fix sibo by dumping more fibre on top.
Terrible advice.
If you are educated on sibo....debate .


  • wearefab
    wearefab Posts: 69 Member
    For those not familiar with SIBO, it IS Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.
    The small intestine come after the stomach and before the large intestine.
    When gut motility (movement/peristalisis) is low, food stays in the small intestine too long where bacteria (good or bad) have a field day. The bacteria overpopulate. Bacteria produce gases which creates the uncomfortable bloat.
    In sibo-c (constipation sub type) the sibo itself further slows gut motility, making the problem worse.
    Shoving food on top for the bacteria to eat, makes it worse again.
    The test for sibo is a breath test, OR you could eat only plain chicken and fish for 3 days and see if the bloat goes down.
    Other types of sibo are sibo-d and sibo-d/c. Im sure you can guess what that means.
    Depending on the type of bacteria and the gases they produce, will determine what type of sibo.
    Some science says that >80% of people with IBS have sibo.
    Why would MFP blog video with dietician (subject: food bloat) recommend putting more fibre on top of sibo, when that will make a lot of SIBO people worse?
  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 33,173 Member
    The Myfitnesspal blog has all kinds of "advice" that doesn't apply. Now you know to not read it.

    You can go to "Contact us" at the bottom of the page and write to the staff. This forum is just for members and you won't get an answer from staff.