Tailbone pain?

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I have lost about 75 lbs in the last year and a half. I did so gradually, although I ended up losing a bit more than intended because eldercare responsibilities threw my life out of whack and made me literally sick to my stomach for a bit.. Everything else has been wonderful, except that recently I have been having the most incredible tailbone pain when I sit, lean back, go from sitting to standing, or lie on my back in bed. I haven’t injured it. Has anyone else experienced something like this after weight loss, and if so, what did you do?


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    Losing weight lessens the "cushion" around that area and if your body has been used to sitting in a certain position (how your hip flexes either forward or backward) when you were overweight, now that position may cause pain. Do you exercise at all?

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    I have lost about 75 lbs and have been maintaining for 6 months. I did have incredible tailbone pain for a few months and it was just weird and strange and uncomfortable. It went away. I have not had to think about it for months and months so I would say that it gets better.
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    I had/have some tailbone issues myself. I use this type of cushion for my office chair (different brand):


    Though in truth, the only 'real' solution for me is to sit in a way that my tailbone isn't under as much pressure, tilting the top of my pelvis forward - not 'slouching' helps.
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    Thanks for the quick responses - the pain is in a weird spot - not on my so called “sitz” bones to use yoga instructor speak but actually on what seems to be the very lower part of the spinal column. Like where it would be if I actually had a tail! So sort of between my now not very cheeky butt cheeks. I exercise some , though not vigorously -ironically mostly walking and things meant to improve my posture like tai chi, pilates, no swimming anymore since the pool is closed for the season, and lots of tasks of daily living involving lifting and pushing wheelchairs etc. Plus I am a full time professor so I am also on my feet in front of students for several hours a day, but also on my butt in meetings and writing/researching/preparing classes. I literally can’t do that part of my job and can’t sit for more than a few minutes and have to sleep on my side in bed. Eating dinner at the table is impossible. I feel like I almost need to go see a dr but it sounds so stupid - my butt hurts! Also my PCP retired and I can’t find a physician who is accepting new patients.
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    Same! I use a cushion like Lietchi describes in the car plus a lumbar cushion behind my back. I keep a pillow under my hips in bed or between my bony knees if I turn to the side. Office chairs don't bother me as much but I find lumbar cushions do help--but I'm also short and my chair is a little too big. Finally, lately I've added some exercises at the gym to help develop my glutes. Squats are best, I think, but so painful. I do five one-minute planks and 45 leg press reps in addition to other more arm-oriented weight work. I think it's helping.

    I did talk to my doctor and she just agreed that I'd lost padding due to weight loss and didn't pursue it. I didn't tell her that I'd actually tried to figure out if I could be growing a tail at one point. Apparently that's not a thing that happens.
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    Get one of the cushions shown---the pain eventually goes away (I had it) and the cushion is a lifesaver in the meantime. Congratulations on your loss.

    PS: the pain was exactly where you said you have it.
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    Along with a cushion because I also felt the same thing (OUCH!) I did a lot of "Butt squeezes" which helped to build that area up. LOL I benefited in more than one way! My jeans do not sag there!! ENOUGH SAID about that!! But I also do not hurt now either. I also no longer need a cushion. It took time, but ohhh it was so well worth it.
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