Weight loss with advanced osteoarthritis in knee.

Are there any people with success stories of losing weight and regaining mobility with advanced arthritis in knees. I just saw a surgeon and was told I was untreatable. I feel hopeless


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    Well, that advice was ridiculous and not scientific and of course people have improved with different interventions. Inflammation is at the centre for most arthritic problems and weight loss of about 10% or greater shows pretty decent improvement and mobility. The weight loss facilitates better insulin sensitivity which results in lowering inflammation in our body, so in my mind it makes perfect sense, but VLCD also show in isocaloric conditions to lower inflammation as well, so there might be an additional advantage there, but speak to your Dr. but not that one lol.




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    You can lose weight without exercising at all, by simply reducing your calorie intake. That is in fact where most weight loss comes from. I gained significant weigh while bedridden and not able to walk at all and lost it (and more) with significant arthritis and other mobility issues - mostly through calorie reduction, supplemented by low impact activities like pool based exercises, tai chi, walking. The exercise I do is for the mental health/me time benefits it provides.
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    Does stationary biking or rowing bother your knee?

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    OP, you’ve got some good advice above. I also have OA, torn MCL, & torn meniscus. My weight loss has definitely helped my joints, and finding a good physical therapist has been key. I’m learning better form in every day activities and while I’m gaining strength, I’m experimenting with different activities. Cycling is great, walking is fine, yoga is good as long as I don’t push myself in positions that put direct pressure on my knee. It may be very individual to you, but with a good PT you can make improvements and have success. Others have mentioned swimming, too. It may feel frustrating right now, but it’s okay to start with baby steps. Keep experimenting to see what helps you!
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    betzkate wrote: »
    Are there any people with success stories of losing weight and regaining mobility with advanced arthritis in knees. I just saw a surgeon and was told I was untreatable. I feel hopeless

    I’m happy to meet you. I have OA in my knees and back. I can empathize!
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    I have OA in both knees and am a candidate for knee replacements. I'm on my journey to lose weight so the surgery has better outcomes. Couldn't your doctor at least do a scope of your knee to remove some of the bone spurs? I had that about 5 years ago and it made a world of difference. They do grow back but can alleviate some pain in the meantime.
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    I have OA in my knee following surgery, cervical and lumbar spine and both hips (2 hip reconstructions). I recently last year ruptured and tore my Achilles as well and am 4 months post-op. At the start of my recovery I was having intense pain in the ankle and it wasn't healing. As soon as I started watching my food and doing light exercise and stretching it started to heal rapidly. The doctor told me that whatever I was eating was likely causing inflammation. I still have pain most days but if I keep moving it tends to be lessened. I gained most of my weight after the rupture last Oct and have been busting butt to lose it again. It will be slow, somedays you may not feel great but don't stop because of it ! I started at 192 and weighed this morning at 164 after 3 months.